Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why I Love Cloth Diapers: Part 3

Does it get any cuter than this?! This is my baby when we first started cloth diapering. He looks so little, it makes me sigh! Anyway, when we first got started cloth diapering I used gdiapers. With one exception. The cost of buying the inserts for these is even more than just using Seventh Generation disposables, so I got the idea from a Baby Center forum to use something called prefolds for the absorbent part of the diaper. (More on the types of cloth diapers in a minute.) These worked great, with a little extra necessary for my super heavy wetter at night. Gdiapers are aptly referred to as the "gateway" diaper- once you use them and see how easy it is, you get hooked on cloth diapering. This is definitely what happened for us. And I started out with just two diapers that I bought at Whole Foods for $25!

Anyway, here is a little more info on the different types of cloth diapers that are out there, and a brief explanation. This is a great article from- www.kellyscloset.com.

The Four Basic Types of Cloth Diapers:


All-in-One Cloth Diapers (also known as "AIO"s) - These diapers are the easiest and most leak proof diapers to use and have a built in diaper cover sewn into the cotton or fleece layer. They fasten with snaps or velcro and work like the ease of a disposable. NO diaper cover required.


Fitted or Contoured Cloth Diapers - These diapers are fitted with snaps or velcro and do require a diaper cover. One of the reasons why customers choose these diapers is because they dry faster than the All-in-One diapers.


Pre-fold and Flat Diapers (old-fashioned diapers) - These diapers are wonderful for not only diapering but are used as burp cloths, household clean-ups, and so much more. These diapers need to be fastened with pins or a Snappi and used with a diaper cover. Most of the covers we have available do NOT require the use of pins.


Pocket Cloth Diapers
What is a Pocket Diaper? The three main components of the pocket diapers are: first, a waterproof outer barrier fabric that is sewn to the second component, an inner moisture-wicking fabric that keeps the skin feeling dry. These two fabrics form a pocket for the third component, an absorbent insert. However, the term "Pocket Diapers" is so much more than just two layers of fabric sewn together! Pocket Diapers function in a way that no other diaper has in history. They use special materials against the baby's skin to keep the baby's skin dry resulting in numerous benefits for the mom and baby, not to mention the elimination and treatment of diaper rash ... which is why this style diaper was created in the first place.

This is one of the best explanations I have found of the basic different types. Tomorrow I will talk more about my "stash"!

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