Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Maker's Diet in Action: 10 Foods You Will (Almost!) Always Find in My House

To give you a glimpse of what living the Maker's Diet out looks like practically, I wanted to share you the top ten foods you would find in my house if you came to visit today. These foods are some of our family's staples!

Top Ten Maker's Diet Foods You Will (Almost) Always Find in My House:
  1. Organic, raw milk from an amazing organic and local farm.
  2. Organic, raw cheese from Organic Valley
  3. Local, pastured, free range eggs (We sometimes go through 5-6 dozen per week!)
  4. Organic apples
  5. Organic bananas
  6. Organic Maranatha peanut butter
  7. Organic extra virgin coconut oil
  8. Organic butter (For cooking, I like Organic Valley's cultured version, but I love making my own from raw cream too!)
  9. Organic grass fed beef in some form: ground beef, roasts, grass fed hot dogs
  10. Free range chicken in some form: whole, thighs, drumsticks, etc...
Tomorrow I'll share with you some awesome supplements you will almost always find in my house!

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