Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Toxin Free Body: Perfect Organics Review

"You are going to LOVE it. Everyone raves about it!" my sister said emphatically. "Really?" I thought. "Rave about a lip balm? Ok...." Thoughts of Carmex and Burt's Bees floated through my mind, and as beloved as the latter product is, I couldn't quite say I would RAVE about it.

But my sister assured me I would love this new lip balm intensely, so I promised to give it a try, and pass on my new love, or dislike, for it to you all!

And let me just say she was right. I still can't believe I feel so strongly about a lip balm, but I do. Meet my new love, everyone:It's shea butter lip balm, by an awesome company called Perfect Organics. Perfect, and organic, they really are- as they use absolutely no toxins and their products meet the absolute highest standards.

All the ingredients are organic, and there are no toxic preservatives, fragrances, dyes, etc. that are
found in products everywhere, even on shelves in health food stores.

And my sister tells me this company is run by a lovely, sweet woman who (no doubt!) has fabulously glowing skin and is passionate about bringing the highest quality products to market.

She's doing a great job!

My sister also sent me some of their shea butter, which is equally as love-able as the lip balm.

It is SO creamy and luxurious. And I'm not going to lie, I have some stretch marks from my recent pregnancy. I put some of the shea butter on my recovering stomach, and forgot I had used it.

TWO days later, I noticed that my lovely stretch marks looked lighter. I thought it seemed odd, but then I remembered about the shea butter!

I might have to buy this stuff in bulk! ;)

To buy these awesome products, (and to check out the rest of their line!) head to:


Sign up for a free membership for this site, and you can access the Perfect Organics products at the best price online! (My sister works for this company!) They sell couture clothes as well, so that's why you'll see a picture of a model on their home page. ;)

Enjoy these perfectly organic, and perfectly pleasing products everyone!

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