Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Toxin Free Baby: Straw Sippy

For the last 6 months or so, I've been on a hunt for a sippy cup. Not just any sippy cup, mind you, but a toxin free model that meets my high standards, and also has a straw.

Talk about a lot of criteria! Some have a straw but are only BPA free, not phthalate free, and some are neither. I wanted all of the above, and so I am pleased to introduce the Zoli Bot straw sippy!

I had seen it online before, but hesitated to buy something I couldn't see in person. However, when my beautiful friend Rebekah of Mixbook.com (head over to their site for some memorable Father's Day presents!) said her daughter loved it, I decided to make the $14.95 plunge.

Seems expensive for a sippy, and it is. But we love it too! Micah (18 months) caught the hang of the straw in less than a day. He also loves the handles. Nathaniel loves the handles, too, so much so that he is always swiping Micah's sippy and running off with it! It also has a flip top cap which both of the boys love.

What I love:

It doesn't leak, it has a straw, it holds 6 oz, it's kid friendly and unbreakable, and most importantly, it's BPA & phthalate free. It also comes in orange and pink!

Check it out at their site: http://www.zolibaby.com/products/feeding/green-bot#

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