Monday, June 6, 2011

Toxin Free Home: Vinegar for the Laundry

If you need a helping hand with the cleaning, look no further than the $2 bottle of vinegar at your local drugstore or Walmart. You can get an enormous bottle of vinegar that will last a long time, and using it for everything from laundry to cleaning your drains!

I'd like to highlight the use of vinegar for the laundry today- I use it regularly as a toxin free fabric softener. I use 1 cup of vinegar, and you're just supposed to add it to the final rinse cycle! It's so easy (and cheap) and it really works!

It also works great for stripping ammonia from cloth diapers.

Hope that helps you save some money and some chemicals!

What are your other favorite uses for household white vinegar?

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