Thursday, June 2, 2011

Toxin Free Home: All Natural Room Freshener

We all love a home that smells wonderful, clean, and inviting, but when most room fresheners and candles are loaded with cancer- causing toxins like phthalates and petroleum byproducts, what are we to do?

I have discovered a wonderful room freshener spray by Aura Cacia. They use only 100% essential oils in their products, they smell lovely, and they work great! I bought the tangerine grapefruit one for the bathrooms, (the process of cloth diapers can be a little, ahem, smelly!) and we've been loving it.

They also sell electric air fresheners that you can plug in, and diffusers for your car!

So throw out those toxic room fresheners you have, and get some real essential oils to do the job!

Check out their site: