Thursday, June 16, 2011

Toxin Free Body: Sale on Organic Blueberries Tomorrow!

I got an email from Whole Foods last night announcing an awesome sale on Friday: organic blueberries for only $1.99 a pint! I will definitely be going to pick some up! Blueberries are currently in season, are loaded with antioxidants, and are also high in fiber!

And they are so easy to use! Use them in yogurt, smoothies, in baked goods, or just straight out of the box!

Enjoy the great price tomorrow on one of the world's healthiest foods!

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Anonymous said...

Hi I was wondering if I could email you with a few questions!! My name is Jocelyn, and my youngest son suffers from a severe protein intolerance (FPIES). Or could you maybe email me??
Thank you so much!!