Monday, February 21, 2011

Dining Out Woes

I'm a difficult date. It's true, it really is. My poor husband. Sometimes I wish we could just go to Denny's or McDonald's like the rest of civilization. Or get dessert somewhere, or even coffee!

While it is definitely possible to make good choices while dining out, my sensitive system always lets me know when I eat something different than normal. (Which I basically never do.)

Where we live, there is one totally organic and legit restaurant within 30 minutes of our house. But the last time we went there, the waitress decided it was her mission that night to make our lives miserable, complete with a MAJOR junior high attitude and purple burgers. We have never gone back and don't plan to!

The food there is divine, but it is extremely expensive, and well, this waitress just permanently ruined it for us.

So last night my handsome husband and I went to Whole Foods. We feel it is the only place in the world to go, even though it is absolutely not conducive to a romantic date. We got a pint of organic ice cream (lovely) and a couple G.T.'s kombuchas. But my husband was a little bit more hungry. We walked back through the prepared foods aisle and settled on a couple slices of their cheese pizza.

I wanted to eat it and be a normal person. It tasted amazing, straight out of their flaming hot pizza oven. But alas, my stomach rejected my four inch long piece, even though it was Whole Foods pizza for crying out loud, not Domino's or Pizza Hut.


Aren't I ridiculous?!

My diet does NOT fit the middle part of this country as far as eating out is concerned. Who wants to come build a Maker's Diet restaurant 5 minutes from my house?!

I'll love you forever.

What organic restaurants are in your area? Please share your favorites and maybe we can get a list going to help each other out!


Karen said...

Oh, no! By "rejected" I fear you imply that you spent the remainder of the evening bent over the toilet. What an awful way to conclude a date - a time intended for rest, enjoyment and renewal! Cath, I am SO sorry! The lack of MD compliant restaurants is truly frustrating.

Catherine Slezinger said...

Karen, thanks for your sympathy! I hope someday to not be so affected by such a slight variation in menu! Ugggh! Have you guys ventured out to Berkeley or SF for some organic dining? There's a grass fed beef steak house in SF for some special occasion when you want to splurge. ;) There's also some great places in Berkeley. Pleasanton's severely lacking though!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

I'm not sure if there are any organic restaurants in the town where I live...there are many healthy places, but not organic. Although, in the nearby town, I think are some organic restaurants. Indian food is really popular here, Indian and Mexican food. I never eat out because it's too spendy...:)

I"m sorry you and that pizza didn't get along :(:( Was the pizza a "Whole Foods" brand?

Oh, there is a restaurant in Eugene, Oregon called "The Keystone Cafe". I ate there once years ago. It was fabulous...and all organic!!

Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Julia said...

It is soooo frustrating. I HAVE to be gluten free, and it is tough to be gluten free and maker's diet. (not to mention expensive)If I have any gluten I can tell immediately with stomach cramps, and then soon follows other major problems. My mom has the same trouble with MSG (which is what led me to the MD way of life). We have pretty good Vegan restaurant close in Fort Worth called Spiral Diner. I'm not vegan, but it's nice for my daughter that has dairy and egg allergies.

Catherine Slezinger said...

Heather, I hear there are quite a variety of natural & organic places available in Oregon, I am so jealous! The pizza was from their hot counter, so they made it in house. :)

Catherine Slezinger said...

Julia, that is a whole other dynamic, that must be so hard! I totally understand! Spiral Diner sounds good. :)