Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How to Get Sick: Part 2- Stay out of the Sun

Yes, you read that correctly! I know it seems odd, because our culture is obsessed with sunscreen and staying out of the sun. Here's what Jordan Rubin has to say in the Maker's Diet:

# Way to Get Sick: A Modern Prescription for Illness: Stay out of the Sun.
(From p. 83 of the Maker's Diet)

"Civilizations throughout history have understood that he sun is vital to human health. The human skin uses the energy from the sun to manufacture vitamin D for the body. This hormone/vitamin is important for many reasons, including its role in strengthening immune system function and proper mineral absorption.

Critics claim that exposure to the UV rays of the sun cause higher rates of melanoma and other forms of skin cancer. This might be true for a small population segment- those with compromised immune systems who don't consume adequate nutrients (especially healthy fats). However, the people who actually get the most exposure to sunlight in different parts of the world exhibit the lowest incidence of skin cancer. The only logical explanation is that exposure to sunlight is not unhealthy.

What is unhealthy is exposure to sunlight with the diets we consume. Rex Russell, M.D., notes that when sunlight activates the phyto-chemicals in healthy foods, consumption of these foods not only blocks the harmful effects of UV rays, but they also produce, "antiviral, antibacterial and anticancer components, as well as pest repellents."'

If you steer clear of the sun, you need to think again! If you watch the news, you'll know that Vitamin D is in the spotlight right now for preventing illnesses. In fact, what's amazing is that there are 33,000 genes in our body, and vitamin D influences over 2,000 of them! In study after study, vitamin D deficiency is being linked with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and many other illnesses like asthma, Alzheimer's, and even infertility. It's also being linked to colds and flu!

I'd encourage you to do some more reading on this topic, so you can take advantage of the powerhouse of Vitamin D. Check out this article on Dr. Mercola's site:

You'll also want to take advantage of the best form of Vitamin D there is- given to us by God- the sun! Go get some rays today!

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