Thursday, April 15, 2010

How to Get Sick: Part 3- Never Let Them See You Sweat

Did you go and get some sun yesterday? If you did, you probably broke a sweat, or maybe not, if you're using conventional deodorants! Here's what Jordan Rubin has to say about a product you're likely using every day:

# 3 Way to Get Sick:
A Modern Prescription for Illness
: Never Let Them See You Sweat
(From p. 83 of the Maker's Diet)

"Any attempt to artificially prevent perspiration is very unhealthy because perspiration is the Maker's method of safely cooling the body while excreting numerous toxins. Suppressing this natural sweat response in your underarms or other areas blocks the body's cleansing process and the natural flow of the lymphatic system. Interference in normal lymphatic function may increase the risk of breast cancer. The products most often used to stop perspiration contain forms of aluminum, which has been linked to Alzheimer's disease or other neurological problems; triclosan, an antimicrobial absorbed through the skin that poses some risk to the liver; and zirconium-based compounds that can cause underarm granulomas. For more information about these products and possible alternative choices, see David Steinman & Samuel S. Epstein, M.D., The Safe Shopper's Bible (New York: Hungry Minds, Inc.,1995)"

Next to getting to sleep on time and catching some rays, this is another very easy change to make! It's very important, particularly for women. Studies of breast cancer patients show that the cancerous part of the breast tissue invariably contained a preservative called parabens, used in essentially 100% of personal care products, including conventional deodorants. It makes sense that these toxic preservatives would wind up in cancerous breast tissue when they're found in deodorant, since that tissue is so close to your armpits! Note: not even all "natural" products are paraben free- you have to do your homework before buying!

For more on this, and for a listing of brands with paraben free products, I'd encourage you to read this article by Breast Cancer Action:

In searching out toxin free deodorants, I've found a couple that are my favorite. In particular, I love Tahitian Breeze deodorant by Miessence. It's not available at most natural health food stores, but it is online. It lasts forever. Mark loves the men's version of the Miessence, it's called Ancient Spice. I also love Weleda's citrus deodorant. Look for this at your Whole Foods, although I think even Target sells it online or in stores, or you can check it out at Vitacost. It's more expensive than most deodorants, but it works well and should last you a couple months at least. Mark also likes the Weleda Citrus, and it works well for him too.

Aubrey Organics makes some great deodorants with high quality ingredients, but we haven't found them to be as effective as the aforementioned brands. :)

Happy smelling!

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