Monday, April 12, 2010

So You Think You're Healthy? Part 2

So you think you're healthy?

So did I.

Then I went to sleep one night. Everything seemed normal. I was "healthy."

But I wasn't healthy. When I woke up that morning, my whole life changed.

I wasn't "healthy" anymore.

From the moment I woke up on February 19, 2005, until I started the Maker's Diet, and then got pregnant in May 2007, I was in constant pain, getting relief only when I was asleep. And even then, I would frequently dream about how badly my stomach hurt.

I was only 19.

Guess what? I was wrong. I wasn't healthy.

Could you be wrong too?

We Americans have the idea that if we don't eat Big Macs 3x a day, we're basically healthy. Actually, it's more like, if we don't eat Big Macs a couple times a week, we're basically healthy. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Jordan Rubin calls this our belief that, "Health is the absence of disease." That's tantamount to saying, "I'm basically a good person because I'm not Hitler." We humans tend to compare ourself to the worst possible standard to justify whatever it is that we want to do. Things that are not in line with God's ways. Guess what? I have news for you. You're probably not as healthy as you think. Because if you're not doing things God's way, and I mean God's ways to
the "T"- you're not as healthy as you think. It's impossible. His laws cannot be mocked. Most of us Americans say we're "healthy," but we deal with "manageable" illnesses like frequent headaches, colds & flu, our kids get ear infections and suffer from constipation, or consistent diarrhea, and we women have problems with menstrual cramps and thyroid issues. But we're "healthy?"


We only seem to freak out when we get cancer, or if our doctor says we have a tumor or high cholesterol.

This is not how things should be. It's time we change our standard.

If you think about it, Americans should be the healthiest people in the world. We have an abundance of doctors and money. We have access to fruits and vegetables year round. We have everything we need to be healthy, but we are one of the most unhealthy nations in the world. Even our children now suffer from diabetes, cancer, asthma, and serious digestive disorders like Crohn's disease.

We have forgotten God's ways.

I know, I know, you think you're healthy because you don't have cancer or diabetes, or heart problems yet. But do you know the future? Can you see inside your cells right at this moment and know with certainty that disease will never visit your home?

God can. And He invites you to walk in His ways, with assurance that He's given you all you need to avoid sickness and disease.

What's funny is, even those who don't know Him, but obey His dietary and lifestyle laws, prosper.

Look at this beautiful girl. She is from the Hunza people, located in the Himalayas. They don't have access to very much food, but they all get enough. They drink lots of goat's milk, eat small amounts of meat (because not much is available) and eat fresh baked bread and apricots. They each have their own garden where they grow fruits and vegetables. They also drink the fresh glacier water of the Himalayas. Most Hunzas live to be over 100 years old, completely mentally competent and physically active. The men play sports and father children well into their 90s. Cancer and all degenerative diseases do not happen whatsoever. They do not suffer from tooth decay or respiratory problems. When it is their time to die, they pass away in their sleep, well into their 100's. The mortality rate for babies is extremely low.

Doesn't that sound more like the way things are meant to be?

Do you still think you're healthy compared to that standard?

I want you to live your life in optimal health.

I want to live my life in optimal health.

Then let's follow God's ways for healthy living and not the American way. You follow them for every other area of your life and believe them as true. Why not in your diet?

This week we'll explore ways that we unwittingly, every day, invite future sickness and disease into our home. They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure. Let's discover more about the wisdom of God's ways in preventing sickness in our lives, so that we can walk in them, and achieve true abundant health.


Behrooz Ross-Sheriff said...

I enjoyed your blog.
FYI Hunza is not in the Himalaya mountains, it is in the Karakoram mountains.

Catherine said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the blog!

Thanks for the FYI. :) You are correct, Hunza is in the Karakoram mountain range. This whole area is known to us Westerners broadly as the Himalaya"s". :)

Anonymous said...

Actually, the Hunza people do not live that long. That is just a hoax. Their diet is also very different than what you stated.
That should clear things up.

madeline_speaks said...

Um... you're a fraud. That picture is of my friend, taken by her husband. She is English, travels a lot and doesn't eat any special diet of any kind. She is stunningly beautiful, but that's not because of the diet you're trying to sell! Stealing and lying are wrong, you should know that.