Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday's Food for Thought: Drink Your Whole Milk!

Monday's Food for Thought: Drink your (Whole) milk

"When animals are placed on skim milk...the animals develop very poorly. But when four percent butter fat is fed to similar animals, they develop normally. The vegetable oils now being pushed on the American people by organized medicine and self-styled nutrition experts will not work as a substitute for cream.

Skim milk-fed animals develop testicular atrophy with complete sterility. Male sterility is a major concern in our country today and the skim milk fad may be a contributing factor. The test animals also developed severe calcification of most large blood vessels, anemia, and high blood pressure.

Another characteristic of the syndrome that may be of significance in human medicine is the development of calcium deposits around the bone openings in the spine that provided for the exit of nerves. Sciatica and other nerve compression syndromes may be caused by this nutritional deficiency. Also, a decrease in hearing, leading to complete deafness."

William Campbell Douglass, MD The Milk Book

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