Thursday, April 1, 2010

Why I Love Cloth Diapers...Part 5!

Ok, I promise this will be my final post on cloth diapering! Can you tell I love it very much? (I love anything that looks cute and saves me money!) Oh! and I forgot to mention, my #5 reason why I love cloth diapering is- NO BLOWOUTS! I think I have had about 5 or 6 total with Micah, and it was usually because I had the diapear on the wrong setting. With disposables, Nathaniel used to have blowouts 1-3 x per day when he was a newborn!

Anyway, for this last post in my series I wanted to share my favorite cloth diapering accessories. I'll start with my favorite night time accessories. Nathaniel is a SUPER heavy wetter and he will soak right through a gdiaper and prefold at night if I don't add anything else. Fortunately for me, he doesn't care one bit, he won't wake up or anything, but not all kids are like that.

So here is what I use for Nathaniel's night time diaper:

1 gdiaper +

1 Baby Kicks organic hemp/cotton fleece doubler underneath the prefold (for extra absorbency) +

1 Bummis Organic Infant size prefold

Bummis fleece liner on top of the prefold:

This works great for us for Nathaniel's night time! If I don't use the fleece liner, he will soak through to his clothes. For Micah, I use the same ingredients but use his Little Beetle wool covers. (By the way, I don't love using the fleece liners because polyester fleece is obviously not a natural material, wicks moisture away from the baby's body and onto the prefold below, so the baby feels dry. Unlike Nathaniel, Micah HATES being wet, and so I care more about him sleeping better!)

Ok, so that covers the night time accessories. Now let's move on to to the diaper storage accessories. I have Diaper Dekors for both boys, and I line them with these awesome Wahmie
diaper pail liners. ( I have an adorable monkey print!) As long as the bag is shut, I honestly have no odor issues, and overall have significantly less odor than I did with the throw away Diaper Dekor liner bags. (Another savings, btw!) You don't have to use them in a Diaper Dekor/Diaper genie type pail though- I know people who use trash cans or even a laundry basket.

On laundry day, the Wahmie's bag goes right in the wash after I dump out the diapers into the machine. Easy peasy!

Ok, so here are some more diaper accessories I love, my beloved cloth wipes. As I said yesterd
ay I love the Baby Kicks hemp/cotton wipes. I love these wipes because they do SERIOUS diaper cleanup duty. I can easily use one of them where I would have had to use 3 or even 4 disposable wipes. I started off with about 20 of them, but now I have probably about 50 or 60 since I'm diapering both boys. I do laundry 2x per week. I would figure that you'll need one wipe per messy diaper change, and I don't even bother with the pee diapers unless their skin is sticky! (Pee is a sterile substance, in case you didn't know!) You'll need 2 if it's a super messy diaper. Seeing how few I can use has kind of become a game for me. It's easy to use both sides of these during a cleanup and maximize its usage. Again I just combine it with my 99 cent spray bottle from Walmart, some diluted soap, spray it well and wipe!

All right, here's my final favorite diapering accessory- my washing accessories. I love this Imse Vimse wool wash for Micah's Little Beetles because you just squirt a little right in the machine, and it lasts foooorrrrreeever.

For washing everything besides the wools I love Biokleen's liquid laundry in citrus and their oxygen bleach. I use their Oxygen bleach in place of something like Oxi-Clean, which is not environmentally friendly or chemical- free, by the way.

The Biokleen is super concentrated, so it lasts me about 2-2.5 months per bottle. That's with all our other laundry as well. You only use 1/4 oz. for a load of diapers!

Ok, so to wrap this up, here are my favorite cloth diaper websites. I have found the absolute best prices on
They have free shipping, and I have bought my prefolds, Little Beetle covers, diaper pail liner and wool wash from them. I love getting free shipping, because I don't have to go anywhere, and I don't have to pay sales tax, which I'd have to if I buy something locally!

I bought my wipes, doublers, and fleece liners on Amazon. They actually have great prices and a lot of cloth diapering supplies!

I got my gdiapers at Whole Foods with a $2 off coupon. Babies R Us also sells them, so sometimes you can use those great Babies R Us coupons to get a discount there! Amazon also sells them.

For anyone concerned about price getting started, I'd definitely recommend the gdiaper system, or using prefolds with a polyester cover. I've heard great things about Bummi's wraps. Check out Bummi's organic diaper kit that is a very affordable way to get started.

Well this concludes my series on why I love cloth diapers! Feel free to send me any questions that you have!

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