Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Feeding Babies: Today's Breakfast Menu- 7/13/10

I thought I'd share with you what our boys had for breakfast this morning. It was a pretty typical breakfast menu, and as always, they just looked so adorable! (In my humble mommy opinion.)

Here's Nathaniel, who ate:

2 over easy organic, free range eggs cooked in organic butter
and his favorite...
2 bananas!

He also had his normal glass of organic, raw milk and spring water.

After finishing his breakfast, he began to ponder the mysteries of the universe, and how the empty pepper shaker in his right hand could solve them.

Meanwhile, our little Micah (7.5 months) had his solids after nursing. This morning, he had 1 tablespoon pureed grass fed beef, 1 tablespoon mashed organic avacado, and 1 tablespoon mashed organic banana.

Are you sure I'm going to like this, Mom?

You were right, I do like it!

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek of our family's breakfast! I'll post some more baby/kid friendly recipes this week as we continue our series.


Anonymous said...

Can they be more adorable? So precious!

Catherine said...

Thank you! I have to agree, lol! :)