Friday, July 23, 2010

It's Time to Celebrate- With a Giveaway!

Today is a very special day! Today marks my (and my husband's!) 5 year anniversary of starting the Maker's Diet!

When we got started 5 years ago, we thought we were doing it for ourselves. Little did we know what an impact our choices would have on our future children!

Our little guys are incredibly healthy- our 2.5 year old has never been sick, has incredible energy, and everywhere we go people remark on how healthy he looks. He also has an incredible appetite- for organic grass fed burgers, raw organic
milk & cheese, and organic free range eggs!

Along with Garden of Life, I want to see your kids have the same optimal health that our boys do! That's why I'm hosting a giveaway, sponsored by Garden of Life, for two truly awesome, optimal health-promoting products- Garden of Life's children's probiotic, Primal Defense Kids, and their children's cod liver oil,
Oceans 3 Kid's. (My kids take their probiotic and cod liver oil every day!)

To enter the contest, just leave a comment below by Monday, July 26th at midnight CST, telling me your name, your little one's name(s), and what your ultimate vision of health for your kids is.

The winner will be selected randomly, and will be announced on Tuesday's post!

Please feel free to enter even if you are a grandparent, or work closely with little ones!

Again, answer the following questions to enter:

1)Your name
2)Your little one's name(s)
3)What your ultimate vision of health is for your kids.

Note: The lucky winner will have three days to contact me. Duplicate entries will be deleted.


amanda said...

My name is Amanda
My kids are zack, sam, and Lukas.
The goal for my kids' health would be to be a strong immune system, vibrant, and happy.

Anonymous said...

Simon, 7, grandson
I want him to grow up as healthy as his Grandma (me) - who loves Vitamin Code and Garden of Life Probiotics!!!

Karen said...

My name is Karen
My kids are Katelynn, Julia, Ethan, Lindy, Jana, Evan, & Lexi
My goal for my children being healthy is for them to grow up with a strong immune system, a right view of their diet & be happy.

Anonymous said...

My name is Cristina S. My daughters Jasmine, Gracie and Faith are Garden of Life babies. I have them on kids pro-biotics by Garden of Life everyday. They are healthy and I want their immune systems strong to combat not only the usual viruses that go around but to have the best support for their immune system, digestive system, etc to work as its best.

Crystal Wright said...

My name is Crystal
My children are Isaiah 12, Josiah, 10, Kaleb 8, Tamiah 5, Amia 3 and Ariah 1 month
My goal for their health is that they have a strong immune system to fight all bad germs and that they live a long life because of the good choices they make!

Melissa said...

My name is Melissa and I'm just beginning to learn about eating more organic & healthy type foods/ Sometimes it can be overwhelming. I have two boys (who aren't really little anymore) Austin is 13 and Noah is 11. My dream for them is to see them enjoying eating healthy starting now and continuing on to their adult years. Also Noah has ADD and I would love to find a natural alternative to help him be more focused every day.

Kristin said...

My name is Kristin and I love my nephews, Brenden and Logan, and my niece Devon!

I want them all to have a strong immune system and to not have to rely on harmful vaccinations as a defense. If all kids took Garden of Life products we'd have a whole lot of healthy kids! I love Garden of Life products!

Dawn said...

My name is Dawn, my children are Mackenzie, Carter, Reegan, Cael, Quincy, Addelynn, Cade, Kyler, and Jaycie. My goal would be healthy bodies and minds for my children.

Anonymous said...

My name is Aimee Dawn
My son's names are Cameron and Collin

My goal is for them to live and serve the LORD our GOD for the rest of there lives here on HIS green earth and they pass on the word of GOD and teach others about health and what GOD has planed for the lives of HIS people

Anonymous said...

My name is Tricia
My kids are Dominic, Isaac, Andrew and Caden.
My goal for my kids's health is for them to learn to love and crave healthy food, and to have a strong immune system.

Anonymous said...

My name is Magdalena. My children are Aliya, Kaelan and Christian. I have been trying to teach them to make healthy food choices and I am always encouraging exercise. I am so thankful for all the information I have as an adult to begin living a strong healthy life but I am even more exited about my children starting on their healthy journey from the very start. I have wanting to try the probiotics for kids because I understand how important it is to have a gut.

Hannah said...

My name is Hannah and my daughter's name is Noah Grace (she is 3 years old). My goal for her health is for her to truly thrive! She is increasing becoming very particular about the foods she will eat, and they aren't always an nutrient dense as I would like- though overall she is a very healthy, active kid! I want her to grow up knowing how to make healthy food choices and lifestyle choices- armed with the information that I didn't have growing up (well- really, until recently). I don't want her to face the same kind of issues that I have, and I am proactive now to make sure that she lives a healthier life than I have, at this point.

Roxanne said...

I have Gabrielle (20) Gioia (17) and Isabella (11). My vision/goal of health for them? I want them to LOVE LOVE LOVE all things pure and whole and healthy, just the way God created them! And guess what? They do! My 2 oldest daughters are off to college on August 20th and loaded up on Garden of Life Raw Multi for women. (boo hoo to losing them both on the same day)
Isabella, she loves the products too, and happily takes the cod liver oil that Garden of Life makes taste really yummy!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm so happy to find your blog. :) My name is Melissa and my son's name is Bryan, he's 7. I wish for him a strong immune system and the ability to function well in the world and follow his dreams and God-given passions.

Prudence said...

kids: josh, nic, lauren, portia, sophie
I want my kids immune system strong so they will stop getting so sick from school every year!

Rachel H said...

My name is Rachel; and my Isabel turns two next Wednesday. We've always strived to eat as natural, and organic as possible. And even at this point, Belle digs into the organics and will prefer them if given a choice. And so that identifies my ideal health element. That she and our entire family will be able to identify, and prefer, the healthier choices in life. And by product of that, be naturally healthy, happy, and at our bodys' ideal weight.

DaniLynne said...

My name is Danielle and my son's name is Aidan.

I want Aidan to be healthy and learn how to eat healthy foods. He's so picky and doesn't like to try new things. It's really hard to make sure he gets enough fruits and veggies.

Bethany said...

Hi, Catherine! I'm Bethany, as you know ;)
My kiddos are Kai and Caitlin.
My vision is for my kids to get sick less than once a year, to prefer whole foods over snack/junk food, and feel healthy like God intended!

Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Giovanna-my children are Gabrielle, Michaela and Raphaela. I have within the past few years gone about 80% raw and use several of Jordan's products for optimum digestive health, and I have been trying to teach my 2 older ones the importance of pure food, probiotics and a healthy digestive system in conjunction with a healthy spiritual life in Our Lord! My middle one had some strange food allergies but she is much better now that she older, however she is still has some lingering. I would like to see them eliminated totally!

Gina said...

Hi. My name is Gina. My kids - Morgan 13, Zoe 8, Lawson 2. My health goal for my kids...HEALTH! Proper nutrients to grow a strong, healthy body!

Karen said...

Jonathan (4), Harrison (2) and Madeline (4 wks.)
My goal for my kids would be for them to love good foods and have no desire for junk. I want them to be able to resist diseases, have healthy digestion, have abundant energy, have optimum brain and body function and to live long, healthy and unencumbered lives.

Anonymous said...

My name is Gayle.
My youngest out of nine is Zion.
My goal is for him to lose weight and stay healthy.

Anonymous said...

My name is Vicky
My youngest daughter's name is Karli
My ultimate vision of health for my children is that they learn, gain, and take the knowledge and belief that I have taken through the Maker's Diet on supplements and diet and pass it on in their health and the generations to come. May God bless us all with vibrant health.

Anonymous said...

My name is Angie
My son, Kendrick, will be 2 tomorrow - 7/25!
Kendrick has Type 1 diabetes. My goal is to prevent long term complications by keeping him as healthy as possible.

akdbaker said...

My name is Kellye.
My little one's name is Quirt.
I want him to grow up with a healthy immune system! I want it to be strong! I don't want him to have to have the ear infections that his older brother had. No tubes in his ears, etc.
I'm so thankful for The Maker's Diet in my life and my family's now!

Anonymous said...

Kids: Kyan & Hudson
My vision for my kids is that they would be able to live life to the fullest without being hindered by pain, disease, or bad health. I desire that their lives would be enriched by good choices and good health and that they would experience the benefits of adding good foods, not just omitting foods.

Elzane said...

Hello, my name is Elzane and we have a Blessing that will be 3 years old next month, Juda. Since an early age, he has this little song he loves to sing: "Juda has a Happy Heart, Juda's heart is very Happy!" And as he is growing and discovering, we teach him that this Happy Heart would like to live in a Happy and Healthy Temple, and that Jesus has given us one Body and that we have to take good care of it ~ Juda makes us happy Parents!

Allison said...

My name is Allison
My babies are LillyKate (4), Ellie (2 1/2) and Lanee (5 months)
I am believing for their health that they will be healed of their food allergies and be healthy and happy!

Anonymous said...

My name is Abby, 6 younger brothers and sisters are named Luke, Katie, Ben, Josiah, Caroline and Justin.
I want them to grow up healthy and not having to deal with the health problems I've had to.

Brandon said...

My name is Amy
kids are Carter and Brandon.
My goal is for them to be as strong and healthy as God created them to be so they can fulfill his will for their lives.

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