Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday's Food for Thought: Is A Shingles Epidemic On The Way??!

Did you have chickenpox when you were younger? I will never, ever forget when I got it as a kid. While most children develop a natural immunity before the age of 6, (per Dr. Mercola) some, like me, do get chickenpox. (Remember, though, that a strong immune system will fight off all sickness- sickness is NOT inevitable!)

I remember staying home from school and being given oatmeal baths. Oddly, I don't really remember having chickenpox as being a horrible, traumatic experience, but maybe we should ask my Mom about that!

Nowadays, the chickenpox vaccine has been added to the list of the umpteenth vaccine that children are "recommended" to receive.

What's interesting is that exposure to chickenpox as a child actually gives you a natural immunity to shingles as an adult, something that kids these days are severely lacking, due to the vaccine.

Dr. Mercola has written a fascinating article talking about how a shingles epidemic is heading straight for the U.S., and what you can do about it!

Check out the article yourself on his website:

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