Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Toxin Free Baby: Cornstarch for Diaper Rash

When you have little ones, you have diapers, and diapers, and diapers to change. Especially when, like me, you have two in diapers! I have often thought it would be funny to keep track of just how many diapers I change day in and day out. But I don't have the time!

With all those diapers, you're bound to get some rashes. Some are preventable, and some aren't. (Like if baby poops at night and doesn't tell you!) In a bind recently, because we had run out of our favorite balm, and Micah had developed a decent rash out of nowhere, I ran across a recommendation to use cornstarch on baby's bottom, similarly to how you would use diaper powder.

I had a stash in my cupboard because I've been using it as an ingredient in a fabulous homemade deodorant. (I didn't make it up, I got the recipe from a friend- more info to come soon!)

So I decided to give it a shot. First I gave him a baking soda bath so he was really clean, and then sprinkled a good amount of corn starch on his little bottom, and some in his diaper. It does get a little messy, but just coat it all over their bottoms, and if some falls, it will probably go into the diaper anyway.

I couldn't believe it- his rash was gone the next day! Since then, I've been using it almost every diaper change as a preventative. It works as a barrier between their skin and all the ammonia & bacteria in their diapers- keeping rashes away, or, giving them time to heal.

If you try this home remedy, be sure to let me know how it works for your kiddos!

I recommend using Rapunzel Organic Corn Starch, which, unlike conventional corn starch, is GMO free!


Karen said...

My mom used cornstarch on my bottom as a baby! She used a travel-sized baby powder container and would fill it with corn starch. She would refill it as needed. It keeps the cornstarch "contained," although you still get those occasional puffs of cornstarch-clouds at times. :)

Catherine said...

Karen, that is a great idea your Mom had with using a baby powder container! I've been using it straight from the box, and have barely escaped some serious messes several times! :)