Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tip of the Day: An Easy Organic Breakfast! (Or Snack!)

If you need a quick organic breakfast, or snack, here's a great one- a favorite in our family:

Take a sprouted, organic whole grain bagel (we love Alvarado Street bagels) and top it with organic cream cheese. (Organic Valley makes a divine full fat version!) Then add several slices of smoked wild caught salmon for a bagel and lox.

The smoked salmon is a wonderful way to get some awesome brain & heart healthy Omega-3's, and this is actually quite a filling meal! Even our 16 month old Micah likes it! Well, the smoked salmon, that is. He doesn't get to have the bagel quite yet. ;)


1 comment:

ejemama said...

So wish I could eat that! I love bagels and cream cheese, but my tummy cannot tolerate either. Please enjoy one on my behalf Catherine!