Monday, June 28, 2010

Dear Whole Foods.

Dear Whole Foods,

I am writing to express my sincere displeasure in your recent decision to pull all kombucha from your store shelves.

I have been a faithful Whole Foods shopper for 5 years now, and have bought G.T. Dave's Synergy kombucha faithfully throughout that time.

One of the things I love most about your store is your wide variety of products promoting optimal health. I come to your store because I can find unconventional, artisan, raw, and life-giving products that traditional grocers do not carry. I come to your store because I support the growing movement toward restoring organic practices and lifestyles in America.

And it seemed that you did too. As the nation's largest retailer of natural and organic foods, you were making quite a difference. Too much of a difference, it seems. Bowing to pressure from the powers that be, who despise the dollar share you are stealing away, you are selling out one symbolic product at a time.

First it was the raw milk in California, a true blow to the raw dairy movement in this country. Assuming this would be an isolated incident, we all moved forward- raw dairy farms like Organic Pastures and Claravale Farms continued selling their products through Mom & Pop stores, albeit badly bruised and wounded, and life continued on.

But now, with this recent decision, I can't help but feeling the Whole Foods as I've known it is gone forever. What will be next? Will it be raw cheese, sprouted tortillas, or any non 365 product?

I believed in your company and appreciated the momentum you are gaining for the organic & natural foods industry. But I see now that your company is just what all your critics claimed it was- a large, money making corporation focused more on shareholder's demands and underlying financial interests than on quality.

I will be moving my purchasing dollars away from your store in hopes of supporting smaller, local companies who actually do what you used to- distribute real food.

I do hope that you return to the principles that brought you such success, and until then, I will avoid shopping at your store as much as possible.

Best regards,

Catherine Slezinger.


Jody said...

Thank you for so eloquently expressing my feelings to Whole Foods! The Whole Foods that is nearest to my house has three restaurants inside it - but the grocery selection for things like grains and other bulk foods is very slim to none!
I hope they respond to your letter - but more importantly I wish they'd go back to their original core values as a store.

Bethany said...

Why in the world did they pull the Kombucha??? Was it just the Synergy flavor or the whole line? That's crazy. You wrote a wonderful letter.

Christine said...

The Whole Foods stores in California pulled all raw milk products off their shelves as well! Horrible!!!

Catherine said...

Mom, I agree! I don't like the model with the restaurants. I've been in one and they are overwhelming! It's a good idea for a separate store, but not for a place to grocery shop!

Catherine said...

Bethany, it is crazy! They pulled all brands of kombucha, not just G.T. Dave's synergy or original line! They say they'll be back but I'm skeptical. I'll be making my own!

Catherine said...

Christine, it really is too bad! Pulling the raw milk in CA was such a blow to all the raw dairy producers, particularly Organic Pastures. Are you able to get it anywhere else?