Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Easy Organic: So Yummy Carrot Cumin Soup

While we are on the topic of what a typical "eating day" on the Maker's Diet might look like, I thought you might all enjoy this lovely soup that I made with dinner last night.  (We also had organic, grass fed chuck roast, organic raw cheese, and organic steamed peas).  I have to admit that I have not always been a huge soup fan.  Until I started the Maker's Diet, that is.  There are so many yummy soups that pack serious nutritional punch, and there is just nothing quite as satisfying as a lovely bowl of soup with dinner.

This recipe is super easy, and although the combination of carrot and cumin is an unlikely one, it is truly delicious!  My soups have gone to a whole new level since being given a VitaMix for my birthday!  They make soups the consistency that you would find at restaurants!  (And that is only one of many feats they can perform). 

If you make this for your family, be sure to let me know what you think!  This would also be a great soup to double and freeze for later.

So Yummy Carrot Cumin Soup
Serves 2-4, depending on serving size

3/4 cup organic onions
2 tbsp organic butter
1 3/4 cup organic carrots
1/2 tspn. organic cumin
1/2 tspn. Celtic or Himalayan salt
2 cups chicken stock (I also use 2 cups organic milk in substitution for the stock, if I happen to be out, and it tastes just as good)

In a saucepan, cook onion in butter over moderate heat until softened.

Add carrots, cumin, and salt, and cook 1 min.

Add stock, (or milk) and simmer mixture 25 minutes, or until tender.

Puree in a blender, food processor, or VitaMix.  Serve hot, garnished with a dollop of organic, full fat sour cream.  (I love Organic Valley's brand). I also love adding some soaked, salted & dried pecans on top of the sour cream.

Happy soup eating!


MBB said...

Sounds yummy!
I posted a recipe for curry carrot soup that i just love but I will try the cumin next time too:)

Catherine said...

I'd love to see your recipe! I have added curry 1/2 tspn. curry with the cumin as well. It is a good addition, but the cumin alone is also very tasty! Thanks for your comment!

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