Friday, June 18, 2010

Getting to Know You...With A Prize!

This summer marks a very special anniversary for me. Two, actually! This summer I celebrate the 6 year anniversary of marrying my soulmate, Mark, and also our 5th anniversary of beginning the Maker's Diet! (Click here for more on why we got started in the first place!)

In honor of my 5 Year Maker's Diet Anniversary,
I'm hosting a special giveaway for you all, sponsored by Garden of Life.

One lucky winner will win a free bottle of Primal Defense, Garden of Life's award-winning probiotic. (I started taking this probiotic when I began the Maker's Diet, and it has truly rebuilt my digestive system! Both our kids take the children's version now!)

To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment below by Monday, June 21st at midnight CST, telling me your name, what personal/family health issue concerns you most, and what product from Garden of Life intrigues you most.

The winner will be selected randomly, and will be announced on Tuesday's post!

Again, answer the following questions to enter:

1)Your name
2)What personal/family health issue concerns you most
3)Which Garden of Life product intrigues you most

Happy winning!

Note: The lucky winner will have three days to contact me. Winner must be 18 or older. One entry per family, please. Duplicate entries will be deleted.


Anonymous said...

1)Your name: Amalia
2)What personal/family health issue concerns you most: Obesity/Weight
3)Which Garden of Life product intrigues you most: ALL of them!!

Liz said...

Liz Marx
Food Allergies / Sensitivities
Diet 360


Susan Shipe said...

My name is Susan.
Aging with grace and good health is my number one health concern.
Probiotics and Vitamin Code Women/Men 50 & Over Daily Supplements.

Testimony: My 63 yr old husband went for his exam & PSA this past month and his doctor remarked that his prostate was very much diminished in size than it was a year ago and told him "whatever you are doing, keep doing it." My husband has been on Mens 50 & Over since July of 2009 - it must really work! Thank you Garden of Life and Vitamin Code.

Kimberly said...
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Kimberly said...

Hi, I'm Kimberly, I've been living with cancer for over two years, it has plagued my grandma (still living), mom, and me. I have just recently been declared cancer-free by my doctor and i love healthy hormones. :) I need to rebalance them after my struggles with chemo. is my mark on the world! God bless you!

Anonymous said...

My name is Ginny T., and health concerns I have are of the gut-health variety. I always thought I was on the right track with eating, but I was still having digestive issues progressively worsening with age. Just this year I began incorporating more "live" enzyme foods, and recipes from The Maker's Diet. I also started taking Primal Defense (answer to the 3rd ?, the product that intrugues me most). Now here I am at 30 with a 1-year old daughter, and I'm feeling better than I have in years energy/vitality-wise. I'm amazed at how this diet - and GOL product - have helped me! Thank you to Garden of Life!

maternity said...

I am trying to live for my kids, My health went down hill last summer, and I have been doing it naturally, I have asthma, eczema, Bursitis, Athrytis,Fibrogylgmia, Costcocondris, all my ailments are inflammation problems.. toxic liver from all my steroids.. I just wanna get better and do it natural..
anything that can help, I use vit d3 and love it.. I would love to try anything that can help me get healthier..

Anonymous said...

1)Your name - Susan
2)What personal/family health issue concerns you most - my husband's digestive health was so bad for a number of years that it was depressing to him and got in the way of us being able to make plans/have fun. Now that he found Primal Defense, he is back to living a healthy, productive life....and we are having more fun!
3)Which Garden of Life product intrigues you most - I am intrigued by the products for children, pets, and the Probiotic Smile

Garry said...

Discipline of eating correctly
All of them

G.I. Crohn's said...

1) Cassie
2) Living with Crohn's Disease
3) Probiotics

blessed said...

All around health with yeast fighting supplements.
Probiotics/Omega Zyme/ Vit d/

Renata said...

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Anonymous said...

Menopausal Weight Gain is a major problem that NOTHING helps with.
Vitamin Code

Monica said...

An irregular digestive system
Probiotic Smile and Fucothin

Anonymous said...

1) Your name: Julia
2)What personal/famil health issue concerns you most: weight (neither my husband or I are obese, but we fluctuate often and I come from a long line of obese people), thyroid (runs in the family), asthma (my kids and husband), sleep trouble (runs in the family), major fatigue, arthritis and achy joints, cancer (my husbands side and my side have all suffered from cancer)
3) All of them, I am just now learning about the Maker's Diet and starting to take supplements and enzymes. I guess anything that will improve my families and my life!

Karen Vaughan said...

Name: Karen Vaughan
Issues: Dental health, Parkinsons, Weight
Product: Oral probiotics for dental health

I'd like to see your probiotics targeted for weight loss. Since they found rats who are fat have more firmicutes (like acidophilous) and thin ones have more bacteriodetes (like the safe forms of e-coli sold as probiotics in Europe), I'm waiting for a weight loss probiotic.

Anonymous said...

Name: Meg

Health issue concern: lack of digestive fire

Garden of Life product: RAW cleanse

I am thinking about a cleanse but I would like one that does not require a radical diet change (i.e. juices only for 3-5 days)

Mert said...

meredith :)

weight / digestion / overall health / pregnancy

raw prenatal / probiotics

akdbaker said...


I've had Crohn's Disease for 25 years. I've been on The Maker's Diet for 4 or so! It saved my life! We have a 21 year old boy and a one year old boy! ha;) I want to feed our little one better than I did the older one. I didn't know back then!

I have to have Primal Defense and the Digestive Enzymes! I love the Super Green Food and the vitamins! ALL! Like I said! They saved my life!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Jennifer Katherine said...

Hey there.
My name is Jennifer.
God made sure I got a copy of The Maker's Diet into my hands too! I've been dealing with candida, but didn't realize it for the past 6 years. I had seen all types of doctors who put me on all types of drugs. UGH! What a relief to finally figure out what I had on my own! At any rate, I've been taking Primal Defense for the past 3 months and it's the ONLY thing that has slowly begun to help me see change in my body. All of Garden of Life's products are intriguing to me because I can TRUST them all. :)

Anonymous said...

1) Michele
2) Fibromyalgia
3) diet 360

Happy Wife and Mom said...

My name is Wanda.
The issue that concerns me most in my diet eating healthful food that doesn't bother my gut.
I am new to the Garden of Life products, but I think the Code vitamins intrigue me most.

Abby Hilton said...

My name is Abby Hilton, I'm almost 21, and I've had Lyme disease for 4 years, as well as severe hormone imbalance. Also intestinal bleeding/pain for a couple of months now. All the digestive products are intriguing to me, as well as the fucothin bars...looks like a good protein for in between meals. I try to eat a very healthy, clean diet, very close to the Maker's diet

Abby Hilton said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

2)Maintaining healthy practices
3)All of them, especially fucothin, diet 360, and the Raw Foods line.

Libby Senna said...

Your name: Libby
What personal/family health issue concerns you the most: Anemia/ heart related concerns
Which garden of life product intrigues you the most: Raw Iron! (it smells so delicious..)

Amy said...

1) Amy
2) Affordable organic or healthful food and green products.
3) Probiotics

Anonymous said...

Healthy Eating/Lifestyle
ALL of them!

jnmzmama said...

1. Doina
2. Weight loss and overall good health
3. Diet 360

Teri Lover said...

I am 51 and have put on 40 lbs. within the last 6 months. I have tried EVERYTHING out there. I know my body is reacting to menopause but I can't eat anything with out it gurgling, bloating,belching and the gas!!
I think I need a good probodic but just not sure which one.

ChriS & Yvette Ferguson said...

1. Chris Ferguson
2. fat loss/muscle gain
3. Pribiotics & Raw Cleanse

DaniLynne said...

1)Your name: Danielle

2)What personal/family health issue concerns you most: Weight

3)Which Garden of Life product intrigues you most: Diet 360

Anonymous said...

1. Leilani
2. My dad has gout and is taking Coumadin for his heart problem; also, high blood pressure and diabetes
3. all of Garden of Life products

Eileen said...

Cancer/digestive issues
Primal Defense

Anonymous said...

Name: Charlotte
Concerns: lack of physical activity
Product: RAW meal

Ashlee said...

Name: Ashlee Gadd
Health Concern: Better nutrition
Product: Oceans 3 beyond Omega-3 (I hate fish/seafood!)

da said...

Your Name: Sujatha
Personal health Issue Weight loss
Family Health : A vitamin for the whole family
Personal Product : diet 360
Family Product : ?? Probiotics / Vitamins ?

Anonymous said...

1} Yvette
2} Pregnancy (I'm 6 mo), Husband with IBS, and feeding my family a healthy diet the way God intended for us to eat!
3} Ultra Probiotics! My husband can't live without them. We've tried other brands and nothing compares. We also use Oceans 3 for kids and Oceans 3 Mom, as well as GofL Pre-Natals. :o)

Anonymous said...

1)Trevor H.
3)Honestly, I am not familiar with Garden of Life's product line. If anything, I would be interested in protein bars if they carry them.

Christina B said...

1. Name: Christina B
2. Health issue: Eczema
3. Primal defense

Jody said...

Name: Jody
Concern: Becoming a healthier eater
Product: The Green drink

Karen said...

1) Karen
2) Healthiest nutrition for a man in 30's, a pregnant/lactating woman in 30's and young children.
3) SuperSeed Whole Food Fiber Powder

christina w. said...

1 - Christina
2 - Health issues are minimal, but I'm wondering if my infant has too much gas (seriously...she has a lot!!)
3 - I'm not familiar with the Garden of Life products, but anything that would help alleviate gas (in infants or adults)

Heba Taylor said...

2) Weight/Diabetes
3) Q-zymes!!

Matt said...

Matt Beaver
1. Matt Beaver
2. Crohn's Disease
3. I take them all.

Anonymous said...

1) Name: Christine H.
2) What concerns me most: A long familial history of digestive problems, thyroid disorders, cancers, and fibromyalgia, most likely due to an entire lifetime's worth of eating dead food. Also I am currently battling a UTI that will NOT go away! Auuugghhh! HELP!
3) GOL product that intrigues me the most (besides the probiotics which I am currently taking religiously to fight the UTI) is Raw Cleanse. I'd like a good detox :)

Anonymous said...

1) Kristy
2) I am concerned in our overall health and want to do the best I can to feed our family foods that promote immune strength and overall health as we have had quite a few health issues in the past few years. We are challenged with many food sensitivies which makes our diet a bit challenging.
3) Lots of them! Esp. the primal defense, perfect food and raw protein.

adotson said...

1. My name is Allison
2. My issue: weight/intestinal problems/sensitivities to food
3. Primal defense because I have struggled to have a regular and healthy digestive system for as long as I can remember.

Asia said...

1) Asia
2) high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes.
3) Primal defense kids, raw cleanse, diet 360.

Mary said...

1. Mary
2. Bone density
3. Calcium supplementation

LauraS said...

1. Laura
2. Fitness
3. Probiotics & omegas

Jessica said...

It's still Monday in California!! :)

1) Jessica (aka: Friend, Sess, Friendly, etc.)
2) Digestive health
3) All of them!

Buddy said...

1) Buddy
2) I have had ulcerative colitis for the past twenty years. Up to last year, I could only control it through medication. However, last year it got to the point where even the medication could not stop the symptoms. This prompted me to do the "Guts to Glory/Maker's" Diet. Once I began this diet, I started to take Primal Defense religiously, and I noticed a huge improvement. I stopped my medications completely, and, best of all, I became symptom free!! Since then, I have continued to follow the "Guts to Glory/Maker's" Diet as well as regularly take Primal Defense, and this has helped keep me healthy throughout this time.
3) The Garden of Life product that intrigues me most is Primal Defense, for the reasons stated above, and FYI, for its role in helping me with my UC and helping my joints and muscles be ache free for the first time in my life, despite having a lifestyle that involves heavy physical activity.

amy said...

Celiac disease/osteopenia
Bone grow system

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