Thursday, December 2, 2010

Toxin Free Baby: Supplements That Make Kids Smile!

While we're on the topic of keeping healthy, I had to tell you about another of Garden of Life's new products that is just as amazing as their new Immune Balance line- except, it's for kids!

And the best part- kids love it!
It's their new Vitamin Code Kid's multivitamin.

As you can see above, here's my Nathaniel happily munching on his now beloved "bears." He loves them so much that he asks me every single meal for the bears and the bottle. (He loves playing with it, it must be the adorable animal pictures!)

They smell so yummy, even I couldn't resist. I tried one, and they were delicious! I could eat them like candy. Apparently Nathaniel feels the same way, because he asks me for more every time he has one. (I wish the serving size were about 10 daily, maybe that would satisfy him!)

And the best part- your little ones will be getting their daily nutrients from organic fruits & veggies like organic strawberries and blueberries, organic cherries, and even organic garlic and ginger juice. (Not to mention a whole slew of other veggies like bell peppers, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cucumber, and asparagus, all organic. There are 22 fruits & veggies, to be exact.)

I love this because most kid's vitamins are made just like cheap adult ones- from synthetic, chemically made ingredients, (which don't do your body any good anyway) and sweetened with awful things like corn syrup, with artificial dyes and colors.

Not so with the Garden of Life Vitamin Code Kid's vitamins- all the nutrition in these bears come from
organically grown food- the kind you would feel great about serving on your dinner table.

I wouldn't give my kids any less than the best. My little guys will grow up with these supplements as their childhood vitamins! (Good thing for me that they like them so much!)

And while they're enjoying their bears, my kiddos are getting support for their immune systems with nutrients like 100% DV Vitamin C & Vitamin D, support for their quickly growing bones,
probiotics for their digestive system, and nutrients that support their energy levels and their eye health.

I'd say that's a great package- vitamins that are amazing for kids, that they want to eat! What more could you ask for?

Check out Garden of Life's website for more info about these awesome vitamins, and pick some up yourself at any health food store, or online!

Note: I am not currently giving these vitamins to our baby. Not for a couple more years, at least. : ) He does, however, love playing with the bottle, just like his brother!


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