Thursday, December 16, 2010

Toxin Free Home: Best Ever Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Growing up, my Mom used to hand me a bottle of Comet Cleanser to clean the toilet with, whenever it was chore time. I had asthma at the time, and it seemed that using that Comet Cleanser always gave me a mild asthmatic reaction. I would joke that I was allergic to cleaning the bathrooms, but as it turns out, I was likely just allergic to Comet Cleanser and all its toxic ingredients!

Fortunately, I've found an awesome, effective toilet bowl cleaner that will not give you any allergic reactions. (Or add to your body's burden, for that matter.) And it works!

It is Ecover's Toilet Bowl cleaner, and it has an awesome pine scent, (which smells somehow very appropriate for a clean toilet) disinfects thoroughly, and lasts forever. This stuff works great, and I love it!

You can get it at any natural health food store, or check out Ecover's website for a store locator tool.

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