Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Easy Organic: No Hassle Chuck Roast Recipe

Last night I made a delicious roast for dinner that took about 7 minutes to prepare. I often do it on Sundays for our day off, so I don't have to cook. I thought I'd share this super easy recipe with you! I am sure your family will love it as much as ours.
I use the oven, but I'm sure you could do it in a slow cooker too. I've just never tried it!

1 organic, 100% grass fed organic chuck or arm roast (2-3 lbs)

Organic butter, I like Organic Valley's unsalted version, for when it will be heated in cooking. I like raw butter for unheated things, like steamed veggies or spread on toast.

Salt: I use Mercola's Himalayan salt or Celtic Sea salt, more info on these to come!

Organic Pepper: My favorite brand is Frontier Organic.

1 whole organic onion

This is so simple. Preheat your oven to 300 degrees. Set the roast into a pan with a lid (I use a Corningware pan with a lid). Rub the roast all over with Himalayan/Celtic sea salt and pepper.) Cut about 3-4 slices of the butter off of the stick. (Lengthwise, so they are long, not like pats of butter) Lay them on top of the roast. Then, cut the onion into quarters, and separate the individual pieces (they are crescent shaped now) all over the roast and in the pan.

Then cover it, put it in the oven and cook for about 3-4 hrs, (I find it's more on the 4 hr side) or until it is incredibly tender, meaning, it practically falls apart when you put a fork into it. It will taste the best this way.

That is it! How easy is that? And it tastes great! All that butter and the natural juices combine and just make it super flavorful and yummy. I am sure you could make a great gravy, too, but I haven't tried yet, since I'm always making these when I want an easy meal.

You can even throw some potatoes in at some point during those 4 hours and have baked potatoes. Steam some veggies and dinner's ready! This is such a great meal for when you don't want to stand over a stove! And the leftovers are great too. Oh, and it tastes delicious with some slices of raw Monterey jack cheese, I am not sure why!



Anderburf said...

This sounds so good! I just got some Himalayan pink salt and organic peppercorns from Sustainable Sourcing https://secure.sustainablesourcing.com and I think I'll try them out in this recipe. Thanks for sharing!

Catherine Slezinger said...

You're welcome! Let me know how it turns out. :) I think the trick is lots of butter, covering the pan, and cooking it a long time! Just keep checking it to make sure you don't brown the top. Hope you like it! And thanks for the website, I'll have to check that out! Blessings!