Monday, May 31, 2010

Toxin Free Home: My Favorite Dishwashing Soap

When we first started the Maker's Diet, we not only changed the way we ate, but we also changed the way we cleaned, groomed, and bathed.  It can be overwhelming, but an easy way to begin your change to a chemical free home is with your dishwashing soap. This is probably the most used of all household cleaning products!  And there's no need for chemicals on your dishes, or being absorbed into your body through your hands.  (Even if you use gloves, you're still going to inhale chemicals as they mix with water, especially hot water!)

I have used all the natural brands- Seventh Generation, Ecover, Earth Friendly, even soap nuts solution.  (Which I really didn't like.)  I like all of them, especially the Ecover brand, but I have just discovered a new brand that I absolutely adore!  The reason I adore it is because I am especially partial to dishwashing soaps with lovely fragrances.  If you wash as many dishes as I do, you have to make it as enjoyable as possible!

I am particularly fond of citrus fragrances.  The new brand I love is called Citra Solv.  Their products are 100% natural, and the best part: they use real essential oils to scent them and to provide hard core cleaning power.  I am particularly in love with their Mango Tangerine and Valencia Orange flavors- they smell divine!  Seriously, you just have to buy them and use them for yourself!  It's like smelling the aroma of 10 freshly peeled oranges or tangerines whenever you squirt the soap!

They also clean amazingly well too, better than any other brand I've used.  Last week I had a roasting pan that had lots of baked on grease- I gave it a good soak with the soap, then used some elbow grease, and it came out sparkling clean!   I've had especial success when soaking extremely dirty items overnight.  I am going to give their other products a try too.  I'll keep you posted on how they work!  I would assume they'd be amazing.  Check out their website for more info and a zip code tool to find their products at stores near you!

Happy toxin-free dishwashing!


Lindsey F said...

Hi Catherine,

I was wondering if you still used this product. I ordered some from Vitacost and was disappointed to see that SLS was the second ingredient in it (that wasn't listed online when I ordered it). I'm not sure if it has always had that or if they changed their ingredients. If you do use it do you think it is okay with the SLS since it is washed off? I'm just trying to figure out all this out!

Lindsey F

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