Thursday, May 13, 2010

Get Healthy With the Maker's Superfoods: Part 6

What did you have for breakfast this morning? The majority of Americans have some grain-based form of breakfast 360 days out of the year. Well, if that's you, you are missing out on one of the Maker's amazing forms of powerhouse nutrition- the incredible, edible egg!

Eggs are a truly amazing food. Here's how Jordan Rubin describes this true superfood in the Maker's Diet:

Superfood/Healing Food #6: Omega-3 Eggs (from p. 153 of the Maker's Diet, by Jordan Rubin)

"High omega-3 eggs are nature's nearly perfect food. Eggs contain all known nutrients except for vitamin C! They are good sources of fat- soluble vitamins A and D as well as certain carotenoids that guard against free - radical damage to the body. They also contain lutein, which has been shown to prevent age-related macular degeneration.

When possible, buy eggs directly from farms where the chickens are allowed to roam free and eat their natural diet, or purchase eggs marked DHA or high omega-3 eggs (they contain a healthy balance of omega-3 to omega-6). Despite the unfounded cholesterol scare of the last fifteen years, eggs can be a healthy addition to anyone's diet; they can actually help reduce the risk of both heart disease and cancer."

Well, there you have it! Can you think of any good reason not to eat eggs after hearing all those amazing benefits? Not to mention that eggs are an easy snack (hard boiled) and pack amazing amounts of protein in a small package. I know it sounds crazy, but when I'm pregnant or nursing, I eat about 5-6 eggs per day. You already know about the incredible benefits we've seen in our son Micah since I've done this, because of the choline in the eggs. In our house we eat eggs for breakfast basically every day. I'll make oatmeal here or there, and smoothies too, but I just feel the best when I start my day with eggs!

If you feel you cannot stand eggs, try them in different ways: scrambled, over easy, with salsa or sour cream, hard boiled with fermented vegetables (so good, randomly!) or hard boiled alone, devilled, raw in smoothies. (Then you can't even taste them!) Another great way to eat eggs is in yummy custards.

By the way, you will not get salmonella from using raw eggs/egg yolks in smoothies. In fact, Dr. Mercola says that your chances of getting salmonella poisoning from chicken or eggs from organic, free range chickens is lower than your chance of winning the lottery!

Eggs are also an amazing superfood for the quickly developing brains of your little ones. The cholesterol in the eggs is needed for optimal development of the brain and nervous systems. Nathaniel eats eggs almost every day, and has ever since he started on solid food. He loves his scrambled eggs in the morning. Of course, it's always best to mix your food options up, but organic, omega- 3 eggs should definitely be a mainstay in your diet!

Go enjoy some incredible, edible eggs today- your health will thank you!


ChriS & Yvette Ferguson said...


Love your blog keep posting! I used to work for USDA overseeing massive corporate egg and poultry farms. Eggs are amazing! If you can't buy your eggs directly from a small local organic farmer...and have to buy them at the store. I recommend Eggland's Best EB Organic 1st Choice. EB Vegetarian 2nd Choice. They are legit. and have extra high quality standards and a true vegetarian diet.

Catherine said...

Glad you like the blog, Chris! Wow, I didn't know you used to work for the USDA!

Eggs definitely are a true superfood! Where do you guys get yours? There are some excellent organic options here in K.C. The farmer where we get our organic raw milk, the Whitaker's, has some amazing eggs from chickens allowed to roam organic pasture, eating bugs :) and also fed organic grain. I haven't tried Eggland's Best, but I do like Chino Valley Rancher's eggs, or in K.C., Campo Lindo Farms, which are available at Whole Foods. But straight from an organic farm is definitely best! :)