Friday, May 7, 2010

U.S. Facing 'grievous harm' from chemicals in air, food, water, panel says

In case you were tempted to think that all this "Maker's Diet stuff" is just a fringe movement, motivated by someone who just wants to make money by selling supplements, or otherwise not applicable to you because you and your family are currently "healthy," check out this article. It turns out that even the highest law of the land, the Federal Government, now disagrees with you, and are getting so concerned that they might actually do something about it.

Of course, this is what health experts like Dr. Mercola, Jordan Rubin, and Sally Fallon (of the Weston A. Price foundation) have been saying for years. (And of course, what God has said for thousands of years!) Maybe now, more Americans will start to listen.

I was especially shocked by this quotation from the article:

"In 2009 about 1.5 million American men, women and children had cancer diagnosed, and 562,000 people died from the disease."

What a staggering number!

Here's the article:

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