Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Toxin Free Skincare: Tip of the Day

The other day I was at Whole Foods.  My cashier had unusually clear and beautiful skin, so I had to comment on it!  I asked if she was doing anything special.  "Nothing," she said, "besides using apple cider vinegar as toner."  Then she added that she had also given up her "conventional" skin products and makeup.

I wasn't surprised because I, too, love apple cider vinegar as skin care!  (My husband despises the smell on my face, I don't blame him!)  I actually found out about using it from my sister, who said she and her friend swore by it for those deep, long lasting pimples that seem like small welts on your face.  You know those? Those are the worst! 

After I talked with my sister, the next time I noticed a pimple starting to emerge, I quickly doused a cotton ball in some Bragg's raw organic apple cider vinegar (available at any health food store/Whole Foods) and covered the "problem" area of my skin before I went to sleep.

I was truly amazed by the results!  No more deep, long lasting zits, and if I catch them early enough, no more small ones either!  Fortunately, since I've started the Maker's Diet, my skin has become pretty close to a non-issue for me.  I might have an outbreak here or there if I'm pregnant, or if I need to wash my pillow sheets!  But overall, it's really not a problem.  But I'd still get those occasional deep (and distressing) zits. But no more, thanks to the apple cider vinegar!

I loved the cashier's idea of using it every day as a toner.  If anyone tries this, be sure to let me know the results!  It makes sense that the vinegar would kill bacteria effectively, thus ridding your face of the outbreak.  (I've also tried raw honey before, this works well too, but the cider vinegar is less sticky!)

Enjoy your toxin-free, and clear, skin!


Elaine Washington said...

Great article, Catherine! As I've been praying about losing weight, the Lord has been reminding me about the many benefits of ACV...Braggs is my favorite. So I've been taking it 3 times a day and have noticed a difference on many I'm going to try it in place of toner...probably after Rob goes to sleep! XOXO

Catherine Slezinger said...

Thanks, Elaine! Great to hear from you! I'd love to know the differences you are noticing from taking the acv 3x a day! And LOL about using it as a toner after Rob's already asleep. :)

Check out Jordan Rubin's book on weight loss, it might be an answer to your prayers! :)

Blessings to you Elaine!

Catherine Slezinger said...

It's called "Perfect Weight America" in case that link doesn't work properly. :)