Thursday, May 27, 2010

Recipe for Clear Skin: A Great Use for Organic & Raw Apple Cider Vinegar!

Before I started the Maker's Diet, an aesthetician from our church (who was gorgeous) recommended an awesome drink to promote clear skin.  "Clear skin comes from the inside," she said.  Well, I hadn't decided to forgo my Doritos or McDonald's at that point in my life, but I sure liked the idea of clear skin. I've since learned how true her statement is, since I have not struggled with acne whatsoever since being well established on the Maker's Diet. 

I've also found that this delightful drink (which tastes surprisingly like apple cider) works wonders for impending, or already established, colds and sinus problems.  It also calms coughs and soothes sore throats. If you give it a try, let me know how it works for your family!


Clear Skin Cider
8 oz. filtered or spring water
1/8 teaspoon organic cinnamon
1 teaspoon organic, unfiltered & unheated honey (Like Really Raw Honey)
1 teaspoon organic, raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar (Like Bragg's) (Note: you can increase this amount up to 1 tbsp, but it tastes best with a teaspoon or two! If you're fighting an infection, like a cold or sinus infection, more is definitely better, I've noticed)

Bring 8 oz.water to a boil.  While the water is heating up, measure out the honey, cinnamon, and cider vinegar into a cup.  Pour freshly boiled water into cup, and stir well.  You can drink this multiple times a day if you want.  Enjoy!


Karen said...

I love this drink! I had to look up the recipe on your blog this morning because I have a sore throat. With the weather changing, I anticipate making this cider quite a bit in the upcoming months. Thank you!

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