Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Grow Your Own Strawberries!

(Photo courtesy of Kathleen5454)

Nothing says summer like the sweet juiciness of a ripe, sweet strawberry, and no strawberry could be sweeter than the one that comes from your own backyard!

I got an email from a company that sells some awesome fruit trees, that are very mature so you don't have to wait years to harvest fruit.

You can never have too many strawberry plants when you're growing your own, so when I got word of a great deal they are having, I had to pass it on to you!
You can get 12 plants for only $1.99 each, 24 plants for $1.49 each, or 48 plants for only$0 .99 each!

Check out this awesome deal at their website, and have fun growing your own!

Check out my former post on more tips of how to grow your own organic garden!

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