Monday, August 16, 2010

How to Get Started on the Maker's Diet: Step 1

Many people ask me, "What should I change first if I want to get started on the Maker's Diet? Help!"

It can seem so overwhelming, so unattainable and stressful to change so many things about your life, especially if you do it all at once like we did.

The good news is: it doesn't have to be that hard. Yes, it is work, and it's an adjustment, but with a little planning, and a little help, it can be much easier!
This week I'll be sharing my tips for easily getting started on the Maker's Diet.

#1 Tip for Getting Started on the Maker's Diet:

Read the Book.

I can hear you saying, "What? Duh!" But seriously, there are many who have endeavored to follow the Maker's Diet without fully reading the book, and I mean cover to cover.

The problem with this is: if you don't understand WHY you should be doing this in the first place, you're likely to fall off the wagon easily, and it doesn't take too many falls before you completely- or mostly- throw in the towel.

Knowledge is power. So go, empower yourself to run the lifetime race of optimal health. Read the whole book!


Libby Senna said...

joe and i are doing it! amazing, right? who knew being in a relationship would finally make me a better person? anyways, i'm following your tips rigorously. make them good. don't fail me. xoxo

akdbaker said...
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akdbaker said...

Oops...I messed up and signed in wrong.

Just wanted to say that one of my good friends mailed me the book...hum...5 or so years ago. It saved my life! He told me to read it and that he thought it would help me. I remember saying...I'm really not a reader..can you just give me a summary? ha;) He made me promise to read it! Thank goodness! I was on major drugs for my Crohn's Disease! And they were giving me side effects. And up until that point...I really hadn't been in remission that many times in 20 something years! And I had alot of surgeries! But...I've been off of all major meds for about 4 or so years!

Thanks again for the blog Catherine! Kellye

Catherine said...

Kellye, good for you taking control of your health, and for reading the whole book! :) Aren't you glad you did? Congratulations on your amazing progress!