Thursday, August 5, 2010

You Asked: What Supplements Do I Take, and Why?

Many people ask me which supplements I take, and why. For some reason there seems to be quite a controversy about the necessity of supplements. While it's true that there are some wacky, unnecessary ones out there, it's more true that our diets today are severely lacking in the nutrients we need for optimal health.

My personal opinion is this: unless you are eating 10 servings of pristine, Garden of Eden quality servings of fruits and veggies everyday, (6 of those being leafy greens like kale & swiss chard by the way) plentiful daily servings of sea vegetables, and spending 4-5 hours every day outside in direct sunlight, year round, with most of your skin exposed, you need supplements.

I'm not doing those things either.

Which is why I take supplements.

I take Garden of Life's supplements, and have for the last five years. I have tried other brands, but they never seemed to work as well and gave Mark and I stomach aches. These were not Costco brands either- they were high quality supplements from well respected companies.

Many people balk at the prices of high quality supplements, since you can get things so much cheaper from wholesale clubs and supermarkets. But the reality is this: if your body does not properly absorb the nutrients, you are wasting your money.

If the products are cheap, synthetic, include artificial ingredients, or even are whole food but not properly prepared, you're not getting what that bottle is saying your getting. Don't waste your money. Buy the good stuff.

So there you have it- my explanation for why our family takes supplements, and why I think you should too! Tomorrow I will show you the supplements we take on a daily basis!

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