Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Supplements I Take: Part 4

To wrap up our series, here are the final supplements we take on a daily basis!

Garden of Life Vitamin D3:I'm sure you've heard a ton of buzz about the necessity of Vitamin D. Check out for more info on why you absolutely need enough Vitamin D!

This next vitamin is another supplement I've been taking for the last 5 years. It has totally saved my digestive system! Enzymes are so important for our bodies, and they have been scientifically proven to extend life! They are also absolutely essential for anyone struggling with digestive issues, although I think everyone would benefit from them!

We also take Garden of Life's Perfect Food Berry, which is packed with more dark leafy greens than any other green drink on the market. It also contains antioxidants from berries and acerola cherry, and is equivalent to drinking 5 servings of your daily fruits and veggies.

We also take Garden of Life's cod liver oil, which is an incredible source of Vitamin A & D, and DHA! And let me just say, ladies, cod liver oil dispels any breakouts from my face, and makes my hair so shiny! Whenever I run out for a few days, I invariably break out some, and my hair doesn't look as good. :) This is also the cod liver oil that both our boys take.
Finally, I take Garden of Life's Living Calcium when I'm pregnant, (did with both boys) since adequate calcium intake in the first trimester particularly can prevent pre-eclampsia. I have also found it to be very helpful if I happen to get a headache (I sometimes get them when I don't sleep enough) because it contains both calcium, and magnesium as well. (These minerals fight inflammation in your body.)

Again, you can buy these supplements at,, and

Happy supplement taking everyone!

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