Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Toxin Free Body: My Favorite Personal Care Products

Yesterday, I asked you what questions you had about life on the Maker's Diet. Several of you wrote asking which personal care products I preferred: i.e. shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc... Here are my answers!

(Note: these products were selected after much personal research- just because you can buy a product at a health food store does NOT mean it is toxin free or healthy! Many of the "organic" companies use toxic preservatives and chemicals like parabens and phthalates as much as any conventional brand.)

My favorite shampoo brands:

Aubrey Organics is a truly awesome brand of personal care products. They are totally org
anic and toxin free. I also love their perfume!You can buy their products online, and at most Whole Foods.

Although I've used Aubrey Organics hair care frequently (and love their hairspray, and men's hair gel) some of their shampoos made my hair very oily, since many of them contain coconut oil. (My hair is prone to being oily, but it's exacerbated with the wrong shampoo). The shampoo pictured above would be a good choice for you if you have a similar issue. :)

In light of that, I currently use Desert Essence Organics shampoo and conditioner, although I do
not like that they put phenoxyethanol in their products. If it were a lotion and not a product I was immediately rinsing out, I wouldn't buy it. But they work really well, and smell great!!!

I especially love their Red Raspberry Shine Enhancing shampoo, and I also use their Red Raspberry conditioner. Again, you can get their products online or at most Whole Foods.

For body soap, Mark and I are totally in love with
Miracle Soap. Miracle soap is an amazing product- I have never felt so clean with any other soap. It is gentle enough for a baby's skin (and we do use it for our little guys) and tough enough to degrease stoves, ovens, and dirty dishes. It is super concentrated, and a little goes really far. We use Miracle Soap for body wash, for hand wash in our bathrooms, and as Mark's shampoo. (I found it too drying for my hair, but it's great for his.)
We just dilute it and put it in a foamer bottle for our use as hand soap. It is not available in most health food stores, just online. We buy it by the gallon (lasts us 4-5 months) from http://miracle2distributors.com

For toothpaste, I love Jason's Organic Sea Fresh Fluoride Free toothpaste. It is toxin free, works wonderfully, and tastes great too!

Mark and I both love this toothpaste. We have used it for several years. You can buy it at almost any natural health food store.

I hope this list of my favorite products help you begin your journey to toxin free body care!


Sam R said...

How much do you dilute the Miracle Soap?

Catherine said...

Hey Sam!
We use it straight for body wash & Mark's shampoo (although you can dilute it for this purpose also, but we find it most effective to use it straight) but we dilute it to use for hand soaps and cleaning. When you order it, they send you a pamphlet explaining what ratios to use for what purpose. Even when you're using it without diluting it, a little goes a long way!

Personal Care Wholesale said...

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