Friday, August 6, 2010

Supplements I Take: Part 2

Yesterday I briefly discussed why I believe taking supplements is so important. Over the next few days I will share with you which supplements I take on a daily basis, and why!

The very first
supplement I started taking when I began the Maker's Diet 5 years ago was Garden of Life's amazing probiotic, Primal Defense. Oh I love my Primal Defense. I think everyone should take it. It has completely rebuilt my digestive system. There was a season when I took 9 capsules a day to help my severe stomach problems. I don't know where I'd be without it. ( I now take 3 capsules daily)
There is no other probiotic like it on the market. It contains HSO's, or Homeostatic Soil Organisms, the beautiful microorganisms we should be getting naturally in our food supply, but aren't because our use of chemicals has sterilized our soils, depleting them of nutrients.

Even organic food is not what it should be. These microorganisms are responsible for our health- did you know that 85% of your immune system is in your digestive tract? A healthy person has a ratio of 85% bad bacteria, and 15% good bacteria.

When those numbers get tilted, then sickness sets in. That's why so many people seem to get sick "suddenly." It wasn't sudden, however. Choice by choice, their internal environments were being taken over by harmful bacteria, but you can't see what's going on in there! Then finally- the scales tip completely in favor of the bad guys- and whammo, you're sick.
Don't let that happen! The best defense is a good offense.

Primal Defense is impervious to natural stomach acids, are not isolated probiotics, (they are not separated from their original food source, they are fermented along with it) and kill bacteria, viruses, and yeast. These tough creatures populate your gut and serve as your first line of defense against sickness, poor digestion, and disease.

Our two boys also take the kid's version of Primal Defense. This product is especially helpful for children who suffer from frequent ear infections.

My favorite places to buy these awesome products are: Amazon, Vitacost, and Choice Nutritionals.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Prudence said...

I have this but always forget to take it! It says to take on an empty stomache, but I have a very sensitive stomache, do you think it's ok to eat a couple crackers with it? and do you take one with each meal? or all three at once?

Christine said...

LOVE these! They've been a life saver.

Catherine said...

Prudence, I believe it says to take on an empty stomach, but I am sure a few crackers wouldn't hurt too much! :) I take all three at once, but my husband takes them separately. He says they're too much for him together. I'd opt for that route if you know have a more sensitive stomach. :) Blessings!

Catherine said...

Christine, I completely agree, they've been a life saver for us too!!!

akdbaker said...

When you were having problems and were taking alot of the primal defense, etc. How much did u take per day of each and how? I take Primal Defense Ultra and the Digestive Enzymes Ultra. Our little dog had to be put down a couple of weeks ago and with me not getting enough sleep with the baby, etc. my guts are acting up again! Just wondering if I need to take more. I'm also taking the Super Green Food.

I also find that the Primal Defense gives me indigestion when I take it at night. Not during the day..weird huh...but I'm old! ha;)

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