Monday, August 9, 2010

Supplements I Take: Part 3

Did you know that nearly 70% of all Americans take a multivitamin of some sorts on a daily basis? It seems that the majority of us get that we need to supplement our diets. The problem is most of the supplements people buy are at best ineffective, and at worst, toxic. The other problem is that many people expect supplements to work wonders, but they don't change their diets or lifestyles in any way.

A multivitamin is incredibly important for adults of all ages. As I said before, it's nearly impossible to eat all the nutrients our bodies truly require for optimal health. And did you know that the Recommended Daily Allowances, (i.e. the percentage
s you see on the side of the bottle) are really only necessary for your body's survival, not for optimal health?

My husband and I take a multivitamin every day. I love Garden of Life's Raw Vitamin Code Prenatal fo
rmula for when I'm nursing or pregnant. It's especially formulated for pregnant and nursing mama's, and contains great amounts of easily absorbed (and therefore properly utilized) folic acid, Vitamin D3, minerals like iron, manganese, zinc, and the important B vitamins.

The men's vitamin, Vitamin Code Men's, is also awesome. It contains key nutrients like lycopene, the B vitamins, and Vitamin E, which support prostate health, heart health, and vision health.

You can check out these awesome products at Choice Nutritionals,, and Amazon.

Happy multivitamin taking everyone!


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