Thursday, August 12, 2010

Toxin Free Body: Men's Cologne

Last week, my good friend Christine said her husband was looking for a "neurotoxin free" cologne. After I got through smiling because of Trevor's knowledge of the word "neurotoxin," I did some online hunting.

Based on my research, there are only a few organic/natural brands with a wide range of personal care products that are COMPLETELY toxin free. (If you know of more, please feel free to chime in!) These are Aubrey Organics, Mychelle Dermaceuticals, MiEssence, and Nature's Paradise.

To my knowledge, these are the only brands that are 100% toxin free across the board, meaning you can buy any of their products and know they are totally safe.

In light of that knowledge, I first looked at
Aubrey Organics website because I personally love their toxin free women's perfume. And sure enough, they did have three fragrances for men. They're technically aftershaves, but they do double duty as cologne.

Since my husband and I had our 6th wedding anniversary last week, I decided to pick one up as a present for him. I headed over to Whole Foods to sample the three scents.

There are three to choose from: City Rythyms, a clean smelling fragrance, North Woods, an uber manly, piney/spicey blend, and Spice Island, a cinnamoney sweet blend with a spicy finish. I chose Spice Island, and gave it to my husband for our anniversary. We both love the scent!

Check them out for yourself at Aubrey Organic's website, and for further info on the toxic chemicals contained in conventional perfume and cologne, see this great article by the Environmental Working Group.

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Christine said...

Thanks Cath! We went to Whole Foods today and Trev picked out North Woods. An uber manly and rugged smell indeed! But we love it and he's excited about it :)