Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Foods to Eat, Foods to Avoid: Part 2

Continuing on with our series, here is the list of Extraordinary Foods for the Lunch Meat, Dairy, and Fats and Oils categories! (Page 56 of the Great Physician's Rx for Health & Wellness)

Next week, after I am through listing all of the foods in the Extraordinary, Average, and Trouble categories, I will share my favorite brands for each item. (Well, except for the Trouble category, of course!)

Lunch Meat: (Organic, free range, and hormone free)
Roast Beef

Eggs (High omega-3/DHA is best)
Chicken eggs (whole with yolk)
Duck eggs (whole with yolk)
Fish roe or caviar (must be fresh, not preserved)

Dairy (Organic)
Kefir made from raw goat's milk
Kefir made from raw cow's milk
Raw goat's milk hard cheeses
Raw cow's milk hard cheeses
Goat's milk plain whole yogurt
Organic cow's milk yogurt or kefir
Raw cream

Fats and oils (Organic)
Oil, coconut, extra virgin (best for cooking)
Oil, olive, extra virgin (not for cooking)
Oil, butter (ghee)
Butter, goat's milk, raw (not for cooking)
Butter, goat's milk
Butter, cow's milk, raw, grass fed (not for cooking)
butter, cow's milk
Coconut milk/cream (canned)
Oil, unrefined flaxseed (not for cooking)
Oil, unrefined hemp seed (not for cooking)
Oil, expeller-pressed sesame
O, expeller- pressed peanut


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