Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Brand Recommendations for Extraordinary Foods: Lunch Meat, Eggs, Dairy & Oils

All right, let's move on to my favorite brands for the lunch meat, eggs, dairy, and fats and oils from the Extraordinary Food list! (The Extraordinary Food List is taken from Jordan Rubin's The Great Physician's RX for Health & Wellness)

Lunch Meat: (Organic, free range, and hormone free)

Turkey Applegate Farms Organics makes great turkey lunch meat!

Chicken I believe they make organic chicken deli meat as well.

Roast Beef And I know for sure they make roast beef, because I am eating it right now!

Eggs (High omega-3/DHA is best)

Chicken eggs (whole with yolk) My favorite store bought brand is Organic Valley Omega 3 eggs, although I also like Chino Valley Ranchers. However, even these cannot compare to eggs from your local farmer!

Duck eggs (whole with yolk)
I have never had duck eggs, but I bet they're good!

Fish roe or caviar (must be fresh, not preserved) Fish roe and caviar are also food items that don't turn up in our home, but I know they are amazing for you!

Dairy (Organic)

Kefir made from raw goat's milk I have never seen raw goat's milk in stores, so your best bet would be to make your own. Redwood Hill Farms makes a goat's milk kefir, but it is pasteurized.

Kefir made from raw cow's milk
Organic Pastures in CA is the only company I know of manufacturing raw cow's milk kefir. You can get it from them, or make your own easily!

Raw goat's milk hard cheeses
Redwood Hill Farms makes a raw goat's milk feta. YUM!

Raw cow's milk hard cheeses Organic Valley raw cheese is our family's favorite !

Goat's milk plain whole yogurt Redwood Hill Farms is our favorite goat's milk yogurt.

Organic cow's milk yogurt We get organic raw yogurt from our local milk farmer, but Strauss is a good brand as well.

Raw cream I would recommend getting this from your local raw dairy farmer, but Organic Pastures and Claravale Farms in CA both market raw creams, if you can find them in your local area.

Fats and oils (Organic)
Oil, coconut, extra virgin (best for cooking)
My favorite organic extra virgin coconut oil is Nutiva. We buy large containers and always have it on hand. Garden of Life also makes a great one!

Oil, olive, extra virgin (not for cooking) Spectrum Organic EVOO is my favorite!

Oil, butter (ghee) Purity Farms has a wonderful organic ghee. (Ghee is butter oil, the milk solids have been removed)

Butter, goat's milk, raw (not for cooking) I haven't seen this widely available in health food stores. Your best bet would be to buy it through your local raw goat's milk farmer.

Butter, goat's milk See above

Butter, cow's milk, raw, grass fed (not for cooking) Organic Pastures is the only company I know who markets raw butter. I buy ours from our dairy farmer, or make it myself in our blender.

butter, cow's milk Organic Valley's unsalted, cultured butter is my favorite pasteurized butter, which is great for cooking.

Avocado Any organic avocado will do!

Coconut milk/cream (canned) Thai brand has a great organic line.

Oil, unrefined flaxseed (not for cooking) Barlean's is a great brand, they are very well known for their excellent oil products!

Oil, unrefined hemp seed (not for cooking) I have never bought hemp seed oil!

Oil, expeller-pressed sesame I haven't ever bought sesame oil either, but I have seen one by Spectrum.

O, expeller- pressed peanut Same goes for peanut oil!

Tomorrow we will go over fruits and vegetables!


Rex said...

Just want to add here that Butter Oil is not a Ghee. Butter Oil is very purified form of dairy oil. Ghee still has milk solids in it.

Nutrapro said...

Just want to add here that Butter Oil is not a Ghee. Butter Oil is very purified form of dairy oil. Ghee still has milk solids in it.

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