Thursday, October 7, 2010

Toxin Free Baby: My Favorite Cloth Diapering Accessory

When I first started cloth diapering, one of my biggest questions was, "But won't it smell? Where will I put the diapers?" Nightmarish thoughts of pungent diapers reeking up baby's room scared me! At the time I was using a traditional, high quality diaper pail, which cost over $40. And of course it was lined with its specialty trash bags, where the diapers piled up all week.

When I read about using washable diaper pail liners, I was very skeptical. I just couldn't get the aforementioned worries out of my head.

So it's ironic that my favorite cloth diaper accessory is now a reusable diaper pail liner. I can't help it, though- it truly keeps the stink away! The brand is Wahmies, and I am in love.

All you do is throw your cloth diapers in the bag, and then wash the bag on washing day. There is no smell, seriously! Let me tell you- Nathaniel's room used to STINK from disposable diapers with traditional diaper pails & throwaway liners. It only took a few days for things to get gross.

Not so with my beloved Wahmie's bag. I have left diapers in it up to a week (!) with no smell whatsoever. I've never had a smell problem. (Unless I forget to close the bag, but that's my fault!)

If you cloth diaper, I highly recommend these awesome bags! And you're supporting some wonderful work at home Mom's in the process!

Check out to find out where to purchase yours!

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