Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Toxin Free Home: Burn Those Paraffin Candles! (Actually, Don't!)

Have you ever been in someone's home with lovely smelling candles, only to leave with a headache? I have. As beautiful and fragrant as conventional candles are, they are unfortunately allergenic, and toxic too.

In fact, you can even get lead poisoning from the wicks of some conventional candles, and they also contain carcinogens (causes cancer) like toluene and benzene which are released into the air when burned. Conventional candles are made of paraffin, which is a waste product of petroleum.

To make matters worse, these carcinogens stay in the area in which they were released- so when you burn a candle in your living room, those potent chemicals linger in the air indefinitely.

These chemicals also get into your lungs- equally as harmful as second hand smoke. And have you ever seen the soot and black marks that paraffin candles can make? The soot from paraffin candles contains some of the same chemicals as diesel fuel.

Additionally, most candles contain synthetic fragrances, which means that they will contain toxins like phthalates.

Many people burn multiple candles at the same time- maximizing the toxins released in their homes!

So, unless you want to burn a pumpkin spice candle that is actually a chemical cocktail - one that is carcinogenic, harmful to your lungs, and can cause lead poisoning, you need a toxin free variety!

My absolute favorite are beeswax candles. They burn completely clean, which means there is no soot or black marks. They burn for hours, and hours, and hours, making them a great buy. And they can actually improve the air quality in your home!

Many beeswax companies use essential oils to make aromatherapy blends- perfect for replacing the conventional perfumed candles that we all love!

You can find beeswax candles at any health food store, but my favorite brand is Bee Hive Candles. Their aromatherapy blends are amazing, and last for months and months!

Check them out at their website:

Happy toxin free candle burning everyone!

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Anonymous said...

I did some research and discovered that candles are no longer made with lead in the wicks. Though there's no way to verify this that I know of.

What is your opinion about gel candles?