Thursday, October 21, 2010

Foods to Eat, Foods to Avoid: Part 4

Well, we're almost done with the Extraordinary Food List! Here is the Extraordinary Food list for grains, sweeteners, beans and legumes, and nuts and seeds.

(Taken from page 58 of the Great Physician's RX for Health & Wellness by Jordan Rubin)

Grains & Starchy Carbohydrates: (Organic, and whole grains and flours should be soaked for six to twelve hours before cooking)

Sprouted Ezekiel- type bread
Fermented whole grain sourdough bread
Sprouted whole grain cereal
Quinoa (Soaked)
Amaranth (Soaked)
Buckwheat (Soaked)
Millet (Soaked)


Unheated raw honey
Date Sugar

Beans & Legumes: (Soaked for 12+ hours)

Black beans
Kidney Beans
Navy beans
White beans
Pinto Beans
Red Beans
Split peas
Garbanzo Beans
Lima Beans
Broad Beans
Black-eyed peas

Nuts and Seeds: (Organic, raw, and soaked)

Almonds (raw or dry roasted)
Pumpkin seeds (raw or dry roasted)
Hemp seeds (raw)
Flaxseeds (raw and ground)
Sunflower seeds (raw or dry roasted)
Almond butter (raw or roasted)
Tahini (raw or roasted)
Pumpkin seed butter (raw or roasted)
Hemp seed buter (raw)
Sunflower butter (raw or roasted)
Walnuts (raw or dry roasted)
Macadamia nuts (raw or dry roasted)
Pecans (raw or dry roasted)
Hazelnuts (raw)
Brazil nuts (raw)

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