Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Toxin Free Baby: My Favorite Sippy Cup

When our oldest son, Nathaniel, reached "sippy cup" age, I started hunting for a toxin free version. Most conventional sippy cups are laden with toxins like BPA, & phthalates. Since I had no desire for my child to literally drink his dose of daily toxins, I hunted online until I found one that met all my criteria.

So I was thrilled when I found The Safe Sippy, made by Kidbasix. And I was even more thrilled when Nathaniel took to it almost immediately- he LOVED the bright colors, (we got it in blue) and he especially loved the handles. Meanwhile, I loved the peace of mind knowing that I was giving him his raw milk in a toxin free sippy- and one that was good for the environment too.

The cup is stainless steel, and holds 11 oz. of liquid. It has an hourglass shape (makes for easy holding in case you don't want to use the handles), a removable sleeve, handles, and a spout, of course. The spout is straw shaped, and easy to drink from.

It washes in the dishwasher like a dream, and Kid Basix customer service is a dream too! I lost the insert that keeps it from spilling several times- who knows where it went- lost into baby land forever. The company representatives were soooo nice to me, and mailed me new inserts multiple times.

Now that Micah is at sippy age, I'm getting ready to pull out Nathaniel's old Safe Sippy. Since Nathaniel has used it, Kid Basix has invented a new model, called The Safe Sippy Two.

Unbelievably, it's a convertible sippy cup! It functions as a sippy cup, which later converts into a straw cup for an older toddler. I wish this had been around for Nathaniel! It's a great medium between sippy cup and open cup.

I definitely want to try the Safe Sippy 2 for Micah. In the meantime, I am still totally in love with the original Safe Sippy!

You can purchase your own at:

The Soft Landing


Or see Kid Basix website for other options!

Happy Toxin Free sippy cup drinking everyone!

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