Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Perfect Weight America: The 9 Components of this Awesome Program

Another thing I love about Perfect Weight America is that it focuses on our entire lives, not just on what foods should be eaten for weight loss. Today I'm going to list the 9 components of this awesome program, and then we'll talk briefly about them throughout the week!

(Check out the book to read all the details of the program!)

The campaign of the Perfect Weight America is broken into three parts: Change Your Diet, Change Your Life, and Change Your World.

There are 9 parts to this:

(It's not as complicated as it sounds!)

Change Your Diet:

1. Eat for Your Perfect Weight
2. Drink for Your Perfect Weight
3. Snack for Your Perfect Weight
4. Supplement for Your Perfect Weight

Change Your Life:

5.. Cleanse for Your Perfect Weight
6. Get FIT for Your Perfect Weight
7. Reduce Toxins for Your Perfect Weight
8. Think for Your Perfect Weight

Change Your World:

9. Take Weight off the World

This program is truly holistic, promoting health in every area of our lives. I love that! The rest of this week we'll discuss more about the various areas of the program, and how you can have your best health ever in 2011!

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Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

The book is really neat!!! What I like about this too...is that my father is also interested...and I always had a hard time motivating him before. However, this one he wants to do with me :) :) :) Thanks for sharing all this with us :) :) Hugs from Oregon, Heather :)