Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Perfect Weight America: Component 1: Eat for Your Perfect Weight

Now that we've outlined the 9 components of Perfect Weight America, let's dive right into each point briefly!

Key 1: Eat for Your Perfect Weight

In Perfect Weight America, Jordan Rubin says that the two fundamental principles for healthy eating are:

1. Eat what God created for food.
2. Eat foods in a form healthy for the body.

Here is some interesting info. He says that the basic components of a healthy diet are the right amounts of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, and vitamins and minerals.

On page 52 of Perfect Weight America, here's how he elaborates on these components:

"Protein, which is found in fish, meat, poultry, dairy products, eggs and beans.

Fat, which is found in animal and dairy products as well as nuts and oils.

Carbohydrates, which are found in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, and other legumes.

Vitamins such as vitamins A,B,C,D,E, and K.

Mineral such as calcium, potassium, and iron.

Furthermore, here's his plan for how all these components come together when following Perfect Weight America: (taken from page 53)

1. Eat foods low in sugar and refined carbohydrates, which will lower your daily glycemic load.

2. Add more omega-3 fats from wild-caught fish, grass-fed beef and game, and wild plants.

3. Try to balance your consumption of protein, fat, and slowly absorbed carbohydrates during your main meals.

4. Consume an abundance of vitamins and minerals from foods and whole-food nutritional supplements.

5. Eat foods high in alkalizing minerals, such as vegetables, which will prevent your blood from becoming too acidic.

6. Lower your intake of sodium. (Refined salt.)

7. Consume a high amount of antioxidants from foods, snacks, and whole food nutritional supplements.

8. Eat foods with a high fiber content.

Tomorrow we will go over Key #2, Drink for Your Perfect Weight! Be sure to pick up a copy of the book, Perfect Weight America, so you can read these chapters for yourself!


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Thanks for all these tips!!! I made a turkey/bean soup yesterday and used organic free range chicken broth!!! It tasted great and didn't weigh me down. Fortunately for me, I do drink a lot of water...but I'll be curious to read what he has to say about that, when I get to that part of the book :) :) Thanks!!! Hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

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