Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Perfect Weight America: Component 5: Cleanse For Your Perfect Weight

Did you know that in your lifetime, sixty tons of food will pass through your gastrointestinal system?

Neither did I, but Jordan Rubin brings it up in Perfect Weight America on page 129, with a good point- all that food has to go somewhere!
Not to be too graphic, but we all accumulate toxins and waste byproducts everyday in our bodies.

The amount we accumulate is largely related to our own choices, but no matter what, everyone needs a good cleanse on a regular basis.

That leads us to component number 5 of Perfect Weight America's program:

Cleanse For Your Perfect Weight

On page 131 of Perfect Weight America, Jordan Rubin says:

"Habitual intake of a diet high in refined and highly processed foods leads to accumulation of toxins, increased contact time, and damage to the lining of the gut due to constipation and
higher pressures developing inside the bowel. In plain language, such foods gunk up the digestive tract like a mass of cookie dough in a garbage disposal.

(Do you still want your candy, white sugary treats and white flour confections after reading that sentence?!) :)

Enough already! That's what the body is saying after years, if not decades, of abuse. If the digestive system isn't given a chance to restore itself- through body therapies known as
cleansing and fasting- then digestive-related disorders and diseases can and will occur, affecting the very core of how the body grows, repairs itself, gains energy, and reaches its perfect weight."

So how do you cleanse? One truly awesome tool for a great and very simple, non life altering cleanse is Garden of Life's Perfect Cleanse kit.

My husband and I have both used this kit and we love it. It is non disruptive to your daily life, (it doesn't require fasting, although it is beneficial if you decide to) only lasts 10 days, and doesn't give you a stomach ache!

Check it out at Garden of Life's website for more info! (And check out Perfect Weight America, the book, for much more info in chapter 8 about how to cleanse for your perfect weight!)

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