Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Toxin Free Baby: Crafts Without Chemicals

What would childhood be without crayons? It's just part of growing up, a rite of passage into toddler hood! And once a child discovers the world of coloring, they will usually spend many hours throughout their young life scribbling on just about anything.

(Apparently I once colored the entire length of the wall of our extremely tall staircase when my younger sister was born! I guess I was protesting.)

Since crayons are so used and beloved by children, it makes sense to seek out a toxin free variety. What?! There are toxins in crayons? That just seems wrong. Well, there are-unfortunately- don't believe the side of the box that says, "non toxic." That is, unless you consider paraffin (from petroleum) to be non- toxic.

Now, due to the nature of the usage of crayons, this might seem to be a moot point. But what young child does not put crayons in his mouth? Or color on his skin? Or leave a crayon on the floor for his younger, crawling sibling to put in his mouth?

The likelihood of these examples happening are almost guaranteed with any child.
And even if the amount ingested is small, I'd rather give my child a 100% toxin free childhood coloring experience.

Fortunately, alternatives are available. Once Nathaniel got to crayon age, I bought him some Clementine Art's Natural Crayons, which are made from beeswax and soy wax. They are chunky, perfect for little fingers, (although great for older kids as well) and their color is beautiful. It is so clear and vibrant!

They have other craft materials as well. They have everything you need for toxin free crafts- natural glue, paint, markers, and play dough. I bought ours at our local Whole Foods, but check out
their site to find a retailer in your area.

I hope you enjoy your toxin free coloring/craft experience with your little ones as much as I have!

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ejemama said...

Are they washable Cath? That is one of the biggest problems we face - washing the crayons off of the walls, doors, etc!