Thursday, September 2, 2010

You Asked: Help With Probiotics!

Today I'd like to answer two great questions sent from Prudence, and Kellye:

From Prudence:

"Even though the probiotics say to take on an empty stomach, can you take them with a little food? How do you know how many you need?"
And from Kellye:

"When you first started taking the primal defense and the other many did you take per day? We will just take it as suggestions and helpful info. I'm just wondering if I'm taking enough to get me well again."
Great questions ladies! I'll answer Prudence's question first, about taking the Primal Defense probiotics on an empty stomach.

I have always taken them on an empty stomach, and neither my husband nor I have ever had any problems. We have definitely had problems when we have taken other brands of supplements on an empty, or barely full stomach. That is what I love about Garden of Life products. They are so easily digested and absorbed into your body, because your body recognizes them as food.

That being said, my husband prefers to take only one at a time, while I take all three. I doubt it would really hurt to take them with a little food, but I do think it's probably optimal to take them on an empty stomach. I hope that helps some!

And to answer Kelley's question, I started taking the Primal Defense the very first day I began the Maker's Diet, 5 years ago. I noticed a difference immediately! In the beginning, I took up to 9 per day, because I really wanted to rebuild my digestive system.

I did this for a little under two years, until my stomach was doing much, much better. I am so glad that I did! Now, I take a maintenance dose of three per day. With the other supplements I take, I just take the recommended daily amount. See my blog post about which supplements I take for more info.

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Happy probiotic taking everyone!

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