Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Toxin Free Body: It's Easy Being Green!

Today I'd like to answer a great question, sent by Sam:

"What goes into your green smoothies each morning?"

Good question, Sam! It's actually a very simple answer! I keep our fruit smoothies sweet, and pack them full of strawberries, raw milk, coconut oil and eggs, but make our green drinks as strictly green as possible. (We drink them separately)

To achieve this, all I do is mix 8 oz. of spring water with Garden of Life's Perfect Food Berry powder. I put it in our beloved VitaMix, which really helps dissolve the powder. However, for many years I simply stirred it with a spoon! But even a blender would be better than that!
This stuff is truly incredible. It packs more fruits and veggies per serving than any other green drink on the market. Just one serving is equivalent to eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables.

It contains 21 vegetable juices, 13 fermented sprouted grains and legumes, 8 marine plants, and 7 fruits and berries, like acerola cherry, raspberry, and blueberry.

Now, there's no green drink I could personally whip up that included all those ingredients. So I don't bother. I just buy the powder and let Garden of Life do the hard work!

I've found the best price to be on

Happy green drinking everyone!


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