Monday, September 27, 2010

You Asked: What Do You Use In Place of Antbiotics?

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Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Today I wanted to answer an excellent question asked by Karen: (she sent a great one last week too!) "I understand that antibiotics are bad for you; how would you recommend treating a bacterial infection in your body?"

Great question, Karen! I had this question, too, because there are so many bacteria and viral infections flying around these days! For all infections, the best offense is a good defense. But sometimes, you just can't get everything right- maybe you're eating perfectly, and taking all your supplements, but things get crazy and you're short on sleep.

Even that factor alone can lower your immune system's fighting power- leaving you vulnerable to things like bacterial infections.

When this happens, I rely on Garden of Life's Primal Defense to get things back on track. The Homeostatic Soil Organisms (HSOs) in Primal Defense are extremely powerful and are very effective at stopping bacteria and viruses in their tracks.If Mark or I feel that we're fighting something, we'll up our dose for several days. (We usually take the maintenance dose of three per day. Just up your intake one capsule at a time per day, though, otherwise you'll likely have a powerful detox and feel even worse!)

Garlic, too, is a great natural antibiotic. In addition to taking Primal Defense, I will often eat 2-3 whole cloves per day, when I feel that I'm fighting something. (I've had Mark eat up to 6 in one day, to prevent a sickness- it worked!)

Instead of chewing the whole clove and gagging it down, I usually mince it in the garlic press into some olive oil & balsamic vinegar. Then I dip some bread into it. It is still insanely strong, but slightly more palatable. It really works!

When kids are fighting coughs, boil 4-5 garlic cloves in olive oil for 5-6 minutes. Strain the garlic and rub the (cooled) oil into their feet at night, and put socks on them. This gives them the benefits of eating the garlic without actually eating it. This would work for adults too, but it's more powerful to just eat it.

I hope these tips help you fight any bacterial infections that come your way!

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